100% increase in the price of a lesser known token for meta-transformation; What was the reason?

The token price of the CEEK VR platform rose by more than 100 percent a few days ago as many digital currencies fell. This meta-active project is already partnering with virtual reality (VR) technology giants such as Microsoft, Apple and Meta.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, NFT, Difai and Metawares are three of the hottest topics in the digital currency industry today, each of which somehow influences the world’s slow pace towards the adoption of Chinese blockchain technology.

SikhVAR is one of the projects that intends to invest in these sectors and is an active platform in the entertainment industry with a focus on producers, which aims to use the virtual world to connect music artists, athletes and digital content producers with their fans .

The token of the project, called “CEEK”, was at a bottom of $ 0.289 on March 15 and then rose 123% to $ 0.646 on April 7. During this period, the daily trading volume of the token increased by 178% to $ 90 million.

100% increase in the price of a new meta-token;  This mutation can be continuous
Four-hour chart of SVVR tokens in dollars.

A visit to the Grammy Hall of Fame, the biggest event in the music industry, more interaction with the China Smart Broadcasting Network (BSC) and being on the list of many major digital exchange exchanges are among the success factors for the CEEK token in recent days. .

Great collaboration and attendance at the warm-up ceremony

SikhVIR hosted a booth at Grammy Gift Hall 2022. This brought more people and artists to meet him, and influencers and music fans visited him.

Sik VW acquired the stand thanks to a partnership with Universal Music. The company has also given Seek Vivar the right to broadcast live performances by artists such as Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, U2, Sting and Ziggy Marley. Broadcast your virtual reality platform.

The project is also collaborating with Oculus, a maker of virtual reality headsets Meta, or former Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, three of the biggest names in the development of virtual reality (VR) technology. SikhVAR’s collaboration with these companies could lead to the production and delivery of dedicated virtual reality headsets that go beyond the dedicated virtual reality headsets of this protocol.

Integration with Binance Network

Another factor that caught the attention of SikhVar retailers was its integration with China’s intelligent foreign ecosystem and the addition of cross-network interaction by the end of 2021.

SickVar was first launched on the Atrium network, but the network’s high fees did not allow many people and projects to accept it. Atrium commissions were not particularly suitable for the small payments that SiveVVar designed for online content, tracking and payments related to contractors.

Following the merger of SeekView with Smart China, the platform was selected as a member of the Binance MBVIV support program, which will benefit from support in various fields.

Introduction of new exchanges

SikhVier’s third growth factor is its inclusion in the Huobi Global and KuCoin trading lists.

Although Secure VR trading on these exchanges began on April 8 (April 19), news of the price of the CEEK token jumped a few days ago. Of course, such an event was not far from mind; This is because consumers usually accumulate a significant amount of tokens before entering new exchanges.

After 100% increase in the price of a lesser known metamorphic token; What was the reason? appeared first for currency.

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