100% increase in the price of three Quinn instruments on the eve of their addition to the Quinn Base market

Kevin Base, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States, released a list of tokens a few days ago that it intends to add to its market over the next three months. The price of some of these tokens, which are not very well known, has increased by more than 100% since the announcement. However, these tokens have not yet been added to the Coin Base market.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, on April 11 (April 22) Kevin Base published a list of 50 digital currencies it is considering adding to its trading platform in the second quarter of 2022. According to Kevin Bass, this move was made to make the listing process of digital currencies transparent on the stock exchange.

However, while many digital currency investors have been looking closely at the search for valuable options among the 50 bidders, reactions to the release of the Coinbase list have been mixed, leading to some allegations that in-house staff are buying and selling.

After almost a week and the sharp jump and decline of many digital currencies on this list, when the situation calmed down, it became clear that the tokens of Morpheus Labs, Kromatika and Big Data Protocol, three main winners in the announcement are Kevin Bass, who had the most great growth during this period.

Morpheus Labs (MITX)

Morpheus Labs is a project that provides a wide range of blockchain development tools to simplify the process of decentralized application development (DApps) across different networks and with different programming languages.

Following the release of the token in the Quinn Base announcement, the price of Morpheus Labs rose from about $ 0.04 to $ 0.04 on April 15 (April 26), up about 185 percent.

Morphius Labs price chart in 4-hour view.
Morphius Labs price chart in 4-hour view.

In addition to Kevin Bass’s announcement, the price of this digital currency during this period has been influenced by other positive news related to the NFT Launcher platform, the launch of Morpheus Launchpad and the SEED development portal.

The NFT Launcher platform is a web-based tool that makes it easy for users to create and submit NFT. The launch panel is a cloud service that, in collaboration with HUAWEI CLOUD Singapore, intends to use Chinese blockchain technology to provide solutions to various companies and businesses. Syed Portal is also a collection of tools for blockchain developers and currently has more than 200 users.

Chromatics (KROM)

Kromatika Finance is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade for free and prevents bots from entering the panel and slipping away.

Data from the CoinGecko website show that the Chromatica token traded at $ 0.025 on April 9 (April 20), before reaching 145% growth on April 12 (April 23). Currently, the price of chromatica is about $ 0.11.

Chromatica price chart for 2 hours.
Chromatica price chart for 2 hours.

One of the developments that will help strengthen the future of the Kromatika project is the launch of the second version of this exchange, called “Kromatika v2”. This update is scheduled for April 20 and may be added in the future to the Arbitrum Odyssey project, an active lending protocol in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Big Data Protocol (BDP)

The Big Data Protocol is a project related to decentralized finance (DeFi). The project focuses on creating a liquid market for commercially valuable data provided by professional data providers.

The price of the Big Data Protocol rose 204 percent to $ 0.177 immediately after Kevin Base announced its lowest level of $ 0.058 on April 11 (April 22). The price of the token has already fallen to $ 0.131, but has continued to grow by more than 105% in the last seven days.

Price chart of the big data protocol in 4-hour view.
Price chart of the big data protocol in 4-hour view.

The Big Data Protocol is on the rise due to a number of notable developments, including its merger with the Intercontinental Exchange, which ranks among the top 500 US companies in terms of revenue. Partnerships with MetaGameHub DAO and Securities Quote Exchange are among these developments.

After a 100% increase in the price of three Quinn instruments on the eve of their addition to the Quinn Base market, it first appeared on Arzdigital.

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