16-fold increase in financial assistance in digital currencies

Studies show that last year grants paid in digital currencies increased 16 times more than the previous year. The average payment in digital currencies was $ 10,455, 82 times the average cash contribution of $ 128.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, financial support in digital currencies is estimated at $ 69.6 million in 2021 ($ 1,400) and $ 4.2 million in the previous year. This shows an increase of 1558 percent. The average value of these donations has risen 236 percent over the past year from $ 3,109 to $ 10,455.

Reports also show that the average value of any payment aid in digital currencies is 82 times higher than the average cash aid. Average contributions in digital currencies are estimated at $ 10,455 and average cash contributions at $ 128.

A closer look at the monthly donations reveals other interesting moments for the donors. Donations in digital currencies peaked in the last quarter of 2021 (1400). The amount of these grants will also increase as the year approaches. For example, the volume of these grants in January (December 1399) was $ 300,000, which in December (December 1400) reached $ 20,000,000. 41% of all donations in digital currency were made in the last two months of the year.

16-fold increase in financial assistance in digital currencies
Percentage of donations in digital currency per month

Among the reasons for the growth of payments in digital currency are the growth of prices, as well as the greater acceptance of digital currencies among the general public and organizations in the last year. Data show that more than 1,000 organizations have accepted grants in digital currency in the last year.

The volume of donated digital currencies increases every three months. This totaled $ 1.69 million in the first quarter of the year and rose to $ 43.1 million in the last quarter of the year. 70 different digital currencies were used to pay these grants; But most payments are made with Atrium, followed by Bitcoin and USDC‌ Stable Coin, as payment instruments, with 85% of donors using these three digital currencies for payment.

16-fold increase in financial assistance in digital currencies
The amount of donations from used digital currencies

Reports show that the use of digital currencies is spreading among political activists, politicians and even shadow governments. Bitcoin played a key role in last year’s protests in Hong Kong. Myanmar’s shadow government, which is fighting the military government, has also declared Tetra its official currency. Due to China Blockchain’s ability to create digital currencies without borders, the use of digital currencies has become the best option for raising funds.

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