19% of the bitcoin population is supplied by public companies

According to a new Arcane Research report, bitcoin publicity control is becoming more common as publicly traded stock companies play a growing role. Current data show that the share of publicly traded companies in bitcoin is currently approximately 19%. Due to this problem, since January 2021 (December 2016) the level of control of this type of companies in bitcoin has increased by 3%.

According to Bitcoin.com, publicly traded corporations continue to grow and outperform their competitors in the digital currency market.

In recent years, due to the growing popularity of digital currency mining to its highest level, it can be said that bitcoin mining has grown significantly. Currently, the hashrate of the bitcoin network is about 222.18 sharpenings per second (EH / S), or 222 quintil hashes per second.

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A recent report by Arkin Research shows that about 19 percent of Bitcoin’s current assets are owned by public companies. Hive Blockchain Technologies, Cleanspark, Riot Blockchain, Marathon Digital Holdings, Bitfarms and Hut 8 Mining are digging for bitcoins.

Research shows that 19% of the hash rate of bitcoin is managed by publicly registered companies
Share of miners in public shares of the bitcoin hashrate

Yaran Mellerud, author of the report, explains that 19 percent of the popularity of the bitcoin network is due to public companies. This ratio increased by 3% from January 2021 (December 1399). While at the time only a handful of bitcoin diggers were public companies, they have now risen to 26.

Melroud adds that most of these miners are based in North America, and because they have greater access to capital, they are able to expand their mining equipment faster than other private companies.

In addition to the above, the researcher points out in his report that the growth rate of public mining companies is growing much faster than the overall mining market. To increase bitcoin production, these companies need to raise their awareness faster than other members of the network.

The researcher concludes that given the intention of these companies to raise their awareness faster than other members of the network, we should expect the United States and Canada to increase their share of general awareness.

Given that according to this report, 19% of the total network awareness (222 outputs per second) belongs to public companies, it can be concluded that the share of these companies in the bitcoin hashrate will be equal to 42.18 outputs per second .

The publication 19% of bitcoin funded by public companies appeared for the first time in digital currency.

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