50% jump in the price of the cybernet after cooperation with Olench and Uni Swap; Is this growth continuing?

The Kyber Network token recently jumped 50% and broke its price record. One of the main reasons for the rise in the price of this token during this period is the collaboration with well-known protocols and blockchains such as Uni Swap and Olench; A problem that can contribute to the continued growth of this platform.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, the war between Russia and Ukraine has re-emphasized the benefits of keeping money outside traditional financial systems, and as a result, the outlook for DeFi projects has improved in recent months.

Cyber ​​Network is one of those projects that has managed to grow well in the last few months. This project is a center for providing liquidity and a platform for trading digital currencies in a multi-chain way, which was created in order to provide the best trading rates to consumers.

The price of the cyber network fell to its lowest level of about $ 2.83 on April 6 (April 17). However, on April 8, after a 253% increase in trading volume in 24 hours, the token jumped 55.4% to its all-time high of $ 4.04.

Cyber ​​Network price chart in 1 day view
Cyber ​​Network price chart in 1 day view.

In fact, the start of support for ten separate Chinese blockchain networks, the launch of a liquidity program in collaboration with Olench, and the expansion of collaboration and synergies with proposed protocols that increase cyber network access are some of the reasons for this symbolic leap. in recent days.

Supports various blockchain

One of the most important factors that could contribute to the growth of the cyber network is the protocol’s efforts to maintain a top blockchain in the digital currency ecosystem.

KyberSwap, the network’s main decentralized exchange, now has the ability to trade in ten separate networks, including Atrium, Olench, Paligan, Bainance Smart China, Aurora, Arbitrum, Fantom and Oasis. Provides Velas and Cronos to consumers.

This ability to work with other networks has become a major growth challenge not only in Difai, but in all sectors of the digital currency economy. The ability to send assets and data across multiple chains will be an essential feature in the future of the defense industry, the NFT industry and Metawares.

As more and more blockchains emerge, access to all of them through a single protocol is a desirable feature that many investors in digital currency and default will expect.

Cyber ​​Network collaboration with Olench

Another important development that has helped to attract more attention and increase business activity in the Cyber ​​Network is the partnership of this project with the Olench network and its Liquidity Mining program called Avalanche Rush Phase 2.

The Liquidity Incentive Program launched on March 21 (April 1) and includes a total of $ 1 million in prizes for liquidity providers.

Olench is one of the fastest Atrium Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible networks in the digital currency ecosystem, offering a low-cost alternative to Atrium’s core network, helping to attract users and provide more liquidity to cybernet users.

New partnerships and integration of more protocols

The third reason for the leap in cybernetwork is the constant cooperation and integration with important protocols that help expand access to the network.

Cyber ​​Network announced on Twitter on April 7 that it will partner with the third version of the decentralized Uni Swap exchange in the Atrium and Paligan networks to provide access to the most active decentralized exchange in its ecosystem.

The project also announced a new partnership with Web 3.0, called Bondex, and Kyber Ventures, a cyber investment division, with Pegacy, an NFT-style racing game. , The cooperation agreement is closed.

After a 50% jump in the price of the cybernet after collaboration with Olench and Uni Swap; Is this growth continuing? appeared first for currency.

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