50% phantom mutation within two weeks; Prices could rise by another 30 percent

The Phantom has risen more than 50 percent in the last two weeks, but has now reached a very key level, which, if it manages to pass, will have a chance to reach $ 2 in a long time.

According to Crypto Briefing, the price of the Phantom has recovered significantly from the downward trend since the end of January (February). However, this AltQueen still has to overcome a key hurdle for more jumps.

Phantom is now trying to reach the rest of the market. The digital currency has undergone a sharp correction since the end of January (February 23) and reached its lowest annual price of $ 1.04 on March 14. It seems that this token has managed to find the bottom of its price, as it has grown by more than 50% since then. Although there are some important barriers to the Phantom, this digital currency may have more power.

From a technical point of view, the Phantom seems to be facing heavy resistance after its recent climb. The simple 50-day moving average in the $ 1.54 price range seems to keep the digital currency stable and prevent it from reaching higher levels. Rising above this resistance and the Fibonacci correction level of 61.8% close to $ 1.63 may encourage outbound investors to return to the Phantom market.

Increasing buying pressure after crossing this zone could push the Phantom to the next resistance zone between Fibonacci correction levels of 50% ($ 1.87) and 38.2% ($ 2.15).

50% phantom mutation within two weeks;  Prices could rise by another 30 percent
Phantom daily price chart with correcting Fibonacci levels and moving averages.

Phantom seems to be on an uptrend, but to be sure, we’ll have to wait for the price of high resistance to stabilize between $ 1.54 and $ 1.63. Failure to overcome this critical hurdle could increase sales pressure and lead to a drop in the price of the Phantom. In such special circumstances, the token is likely to fall to its last bottom of $ 1.04 to form a double-bottomed pattern on the chart.

Publish 50% Phantom Leap within two weeks; Prices may rise by another 30% first appear in Digital Currency.

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