90% drop in the price of Defy Kingdoms tokens after the discovery of a significant vulnerability

DeFi Kingdoms is an extremely popular Chinese blockchain game. After identifying a vulnerability in the game that allows users to release their locked tokens faster, the game token, called JEWEL, loses 90% of its value.

According to Crypto Briefing, after users lost their initial interest in this game, the price of the Joule token fell by more than 90%. A vulnerability that allows users to retrieve Jol tokens from multiple accounts has been identified as the main reason for the price drop.

The fall of the kingdoms

Once again, one of the lucrative games faces the problem of upsetting the game’s economy and trying to balance its economy.

The Kingdoms Defy token, called Joule, lost nearly 90 percent of its value at its highest price in January. The countless bonuses and books given to players in this game based on Jeol tokens, while there is no news of an influx of new players, have caused pressure to sell Jeol tokens in the markets.

In addition, the discovery of a new vulnerability that would allow players to unlock their locked tokens earlier also affected the price of Jeol. According to Frisky Fox, the developer of the game Kingdoms, users have learned that they can increase the speed of retrieval by transferring locked joules between multiple accounts. This vulnerability allows more characters in the game to retrieve locked gems at once.

The number of tokens introduced into the game due to this vulnerability is much lower than that of legally extracted joules, but the price of tokens in joules is severely affected. In one night, Jeol fell 21 percent to a low of $ 2.55. Just four months ago, Jeol traded at its all-time high of $ 22.25. Although an update is expected to be released later today to address the vulnerability, Jeol’s price chart shows no signs of slowing down for several months.

90% drop in the price of Defy Kingdoms tokens after the discovery of a significant vulnerability
The price of the Kingdoms protection token in an hourly view

According to DappRadar, the number of active Kingdoms players has halved in the last month, from 30,000 on March 31 to about 15,000 today. The number and volume of transactions have also decreased. This situation is not unique to kingdoms. Several other Chinese blockchain games, such as Axie Infinity and Crabada, have also seen a sharp drop in consumer and activity in recent months.

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Defy Kingdoms was known in its heyday as one of the established blockchain games. Digital currency influencers like Ansem are constantly praising the game and its growth. Although the expansion of Crystalvale has fueled speculation about the Kingdoms defense game, despite a dedicated development team, and the recent launch of the game on the Olench network, game tokens in the now-shrinking digital currency market are on the rise. It wasn’t good. It is still unclear whether the game will be able to regain lost users in the future.

The publication with a 90% drop in the price of the Defy Kingdoms game token after the discovery of an important vulnerability first appeared in Digital Currency.

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