A famous hacker group offers Russian soldiers: Take $ 50,000 in bitcoins by handing over each tank!

The well-known hacker group Anonymous, which declared war on Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago, said that Russian troops who surrender their tanks will receive about $ 50,000 in bitcoins per tank.

According to Crypto Potito, Anonymous, a well-known political hacking organization, has offered Russian troops to pay for bitcoins in exchange for handing over Russian military tanks. The group says it pays more than $ 52,000 for each tank or combat vehicle it delivers.

Ukrainians are trying to stop the invasion of Russia not only with weapons and face-to-face battles, but also with cyber attacks. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov announced a few days ago that the government will create a cyber army.

He did this:

We need talented people in the field of digital technology and there will be tasks for everyone. We will continue to fight on the cyber front.

The multinational group Anonymous, which had previously declared war on ISIS, has launched several cyberattacks against Russia in retaliation for the war with Ukraine. In just two days, the organization penetrated more than 300 targets in Russia and raised more than 1 billion rubles (about $ 10 million).

In another effort to reduce the offensive power of Russian forces and make more profits, Anonymous offered $ 52,000 in bitcoins to each of its tank crews for a surrendered combat vehicle. According to Anonymous, those who want to exchange Russian combat vehicles for digital currencies must unfurl a white flag and use the “million” password so that the hacker group can identify them.

“Anonymous said in a statement:

Oh, Russian soldiers who want to live with their families and children and not be killed, the anonymous international community has raised 1,225,043 rubles (approximately $ 9,879) in bitcoins to help you.

Anonymous declared war on Vladimir Putin in late February. At the time, the group warned that it would face “unprecedented cyberattacks from around the world” if the Russian leader did not stop invading Ukraine.

The world’s great powers are waging a full-scale economic war against Russia, although they have not taken part in direct hostilities.

The European Union (EU) has banned deals with Russia’s central bank to sever ties with Western Europe.

Britain did the same. Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that Russian banks will be removed from the British financial system.

The United States has also joined the sanctions group, cutting off funding to dozens of major Russian state-owned companies. These include Gazprom Energy Company and Sberbank, Russia’s largest financial institution.

A spokesman for Biden’s government said:

Simply put, until President Putin decides to continue his invasion of Ukraine, our strategy will be to prevent the growth of the Russian economy.

These sanctions have led many Russians to turn to digital currencies as an alternative financial instrument. Despite numerous requests to suspend the provision of services to such users, major digital exchange platforms, including Bainance and Cracken, have decided not to ban Russian citizens from accessing their exchange for the time being.

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