A mining farm in Slovakia digs bitcoins with human feces!

A bitcoin farm in Slovakia has been producing electricity for some time, using human and animal waste. This method of electricity supply has a relatively low cost and very little pollution.

The Bitcoin digging farm AmityAge, founded by Gabriel Kozak and Dusan Matuska, uses human and animal waste to generate electricity needed for the extraction or digging of digital currency, according to the Kevin Telegraph.

Matuska, formerly known for the podcast How I Met Satoshi Nakamoto, said they break down materials in nature to produce methane and then generate electricity from it and use their extraction devices. As human and animal waste is not running out soon, the bitcoin digging process in the center is both environmentally friendly and renewable.

A mining farm in Slovakia digs bitcoins with human feces!
Photo of Matuska and her colleague deploying bitcoin miners on their mining farm.

According to Matuska, the use of renewable energy sources as biogas in bitcoin mining “shows that it is indeed possible to speed up the adoption of renewable energy and ultimately increase the return on investment in this area”, while being a cheap source of energy. is considered.

Building biogas power plants is a safe and inexpensive way to generate energy. In these power plants, biowaste is fermented to methane gas. This produced gas is then burned as fuel.

A mining farm in Slovakia digs bitcoins with human feces!
Image of biological waste collected for fermentation and conversion into methane.

Matt Lostroch, one of the founders of the Giga Energy Group, which also produces bitcoins with natural gas in Texas, said:

Find cheap energy [برای استخراج بیت کوین] The biggest problem is. All easy methods [برای تأمین برق] They have already been tested once.

Matuska said the energy situation in Europe had changed dramatically in November as prices fell in some countries. As Matt Loestro said, it can be difficult to make a profit by extracting bitcoins in the future, and that makes Matuska “busy and worried.”

“Matoska, who is essentially an optimist,” he said.

The most exciting part [درباره استخراج بیت‌ کوین] We need to know that we are in fact the “bitcoin security team” and we are contributing to this process to some extent with our hashrate. [با وجود مشکلات تأمین انرژی] We will continue to help protect the network.

A mining farm in Slovakia digs bitcoins with human feces!
Matuska in front of a biogas plant.

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Matuska said that “the environmental footprint of their complex is very small” and that only one of the surpluses in their power plant is “excessive heat production”.

If Matuska is looking for ideas to solve the problem of overheating of her power plant, she does not need to do something strange that has never been seen before in the creative community for digging bitcoins. Many bitcoin diggers now use the heat from their activities to heat different environments, grow flowers in the Netherlands and dry wood in Norway.

“Advising curious people who are interested in bitcoin to enter the mining industry,” Matuska said.

You can gain a lot of useful knowledge when you start your first miner. You don’t have to make a lot of money from this method; But this experience will be very valuable.

For those interested in extracting bitcoins at home, this process can be complicated and expensive; But recently Johnny’s solo extraction is back. At the end of 2021, Compass Mining, one of the leading companies in the field of bitcoin mining, began selling hardware directly to the home user.

Whit Gibbs, CEO of Camp Mining, said the miners were among the people with the worst views on bitcoin prices.

You have two options; You can pay $ 10,000 and buy bitcoins or buy a bitcoin digger, knowing that your initial investment will pay off in 12 to 14 months (same as $ 10,000). You need to be optimistic about the performance of bitcoin to believe that instead of buying it directly, you will see a return on your investment in time.

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