A new wave in the NFT market: we welcome the atrium areas of numbers

Many users of the Atrium network have tried to buy three- and four-digit eth. Domain names in the last few days. This led to a sharp increase in the volume of trade in these unique tokens (NFT).

According to the Kevin Telegraph, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) recently caused a stir among investors, traders and NFT enthusiasts. This service provides the domain “eth.” The letter has domains ranging from 10,000 to 9,999. Although years have passed since the creation of the three- and four-digit domains, the number of people who have registered for ENS domains and want to buy them in the NFT markets has increased sharply in last week, which affects the trading volume of these unique tokens.

According to Dune Analytics, this increase in trading volume began on April 21 (May 1) and the number of registered domain names in the Atrium Half Service increased from 2,721 to 21,188 on April 28 (8). Over the past seven days, the volume of trading in ENS domains in the OpenSea NFT market has increased by 3333% to 2613 Atrium ($ 7.3 million). In addition, over the last 48 hours, the volume of NFT transactions with ENS domain names on the open market has peaked. The most expensive numbered atrium domain recently sold was the 555.eth domain, which traded at 55.5 atriums, or $ 156,821.91 on April 28.

Each ENS URL is a unique token that is generated and sold like any other NFT. These are decentralized domains that go to eth. Finally, they can act as Atrium wallet addresses, encrypted hashes, and website URLs. More and more decentralized applications, portfolios, exchanges and NFT markets are supporting these domains. These usernames can be from the ENS platform or associated with competitors such as Unstoppable Domains. Web 3.0 users have actually embraced a value that can be tied to digital identity.

Owners who managed to get the ENS domain name from 0 to 9999 have created their own Discord channel called “10kClub”. At the time of writing, nearly 4,000 ENS holders have joined the community. Members even created an automated message that is constantly posted in the forum chat, saying “I am my numbers and my numbers [هویت] They are me ”(I I AM MY NUMBERS AND MY NUMBERS ARE ME). The Twitter page of 10kClub also explains that this forum does not have specific roadmaps.

Last week, the app.ens.domains website, part of the Atrium semi-services platform, crashed, and when users tried to log in, they encountered a 404 error that told them such an address could not be found on the server. On April 29, members of the ENS team announced several times that they were working to solve the problem. It should be noted that major brands and companies such as Puma and Budweiser are also the domain name of eth. They have registered with the Atrium Half Service.

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