A wallet containing $ 15 million in bitcoins was activated after 8 years

An old bitcoin address, which has not been traded since 2013, has just been reactivated eight years later. The owner of this portfolio has so far earned about 4266 percent.

A portfolio containing 407 bitcoins (about $ 15.5 million) that has not made any transactions since 2013, according to information available on the Whale Alert platform, which monitors whales’ activities in digital currency, according to YouTube. Activated again today.

The value of these bitcoins at the time of purchase, in 2013, was about $ 355,254, indicating that the owner earned 4,266 percent. The price of bitcoin at the time of writing is about $ 38,000. This old wallet transferred almost its entire balance to another account a few hours ago and now has only about $ 3 in bitcoin balance.

It is possible that the owner of this wallet forgot the words about its recovery and opened it after a long time. On the other hand, this person may have a strong belief in bitcoin and during this time he has decided to increase his capital.

In the last few months, many bitcoin wallets have been activated over the years. Traders are usually interested in portfolio activities since 2011; Because they are probably related to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, or people close to him.

It is worth noting that an old wallet containing an atrium of $ 5 million was reactivated in late February, after 6 years.

The publication Portfolio, containing $ 15 million in bitcoins, became active after 8 years, appeared for the first time in digital currency.

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