Analyst warns of collapse in 2018: The market down will not end soon

Peter Brand, a well-known analyst who previously predicted the fall of the digital currency market in 2018, said that the profession of those who expect the price to experience a new sudden jump soon is unfounded. Instead of engaging in such talks, he says, bitcoin investors should try to stay on track.

According to the Daily Hoodle, Peter Brent, a veteran financial markets analyst, said investors should not expect a sharp and rapid rise in prices and believes the current downtrend will continue for some time.

Brent told his 622,800 followers on Twitter that contrary to what other analysts said, adjusting the price of bitcoin could take longer.

He wrote on Twitter:

As you can see in the image below, the difference between the peaks of bitcoin is large. Analysts who continue to claim that the price of bitcoin is about to skyrocket hurt investors in the digital currency. Instead of making noise, they should ask investors to be consistent in this direction.

Analyst warns of collapse in 2018: The market down will not end soon
Bitcoin price chart from 2011; Peter Brent analysis of the life expectancy of each ascending cycle.

Michael Sailor, CEO of Microstrategy Investment Corporation, agrees with Brent and sees investing in bitcoins as a long race.

He wrote in the comments section of Brent’s tweet:

Bitcoin is like two marathons; Not two speeds.

“Brent Bitcoin’s long-term holders are ahead of it in terms of return on investment,” Brent said.

The buy and hold strategy works better than mine, but if the bitcoin bubble literally bursts, there’s no need to make that comparison. I want to say that these are unfounded professions [درباره جهش شدید و قریب‌الوقوع قیمت] Patience destroys people and prevents them from holding bitcoins for a long time. Instead of making noise, we need to warn people not to expect profits overnight.

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