Analysts: Cardano will reach $ 58 by 2030

The results of a new survey of digital currency market analysts show that some expect Cardano’s price to reach $ 58 by the end of 2030. Others, meanwhile, are worried about infrastructure and technical problems in Cardano’s network for years to come.

According to CryptoSlate, a recent study by the Finder website showed potential for growth in the price of Cardano’s native Chinese block tokens. The study shows that many analysts believe that the price of Cardano will exceed $ 50 by the end of this decade.

Holders of Cardano tokens can expect a 160% increase in asset prices before the end of the year, analysts say. This means that the price of Cardano could rise to about $ 2.72 by the end of 2022.

Cardano, a network dating back to 2017 and once expected to rival Atrium, has been growing very slowly so far.

Developed by Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Atrium, the blockchain launched last year support for smart contracts using Alonzo’s hardfork, and unlike other smart contract networks, its price has not yet exceeded $ 3.

An analyst who believes Cardano could reverse this trend and end this year at a much higher price than his $ 3 record is Vanessa Harris, senior product manager at Permission Advertising. Harris said Cardano Network’s focus on “security, algorithm accuracy and decentralization” could make it an attractive option for local governments and even NGOs.

This process can already be seen on the Cardano network, and the Chinese bloc has formed several different partnerships with NGOs and African countries. Cardano Group’s chief executive said he would build a “financial operating system” in the second quarter of this year that would allow African consumers easier access to DeFi.

While Harris has a bullish view of the digital currency, people like John Stefanidis, Balthazar’s chief executive, and an investor named Veronica Mihai are not optimistic about Cardano’s future and their sentiment is lower.

Stefanidis said the price of Cardano could be lower this year due to a malfunction of the network and its technology. However, Mihai said Cardano will continue its current trend over the next decade, unless the Chinese bloc sees further development of its technology and increased consumer acceptance.

In recent weeks, Cardano has seen a steady increase in the volume of intra-chain transactions and activities driven by the growth of decentralized funding in its network.

For the first time in history, the volume of transactions on this network exceeded Atrium in January. Add to that the fact that Cardano’s modified transaction volume in February exceeded the total volume of transactions adjusted with Bitcoin and Atrium. Interestingly, Cardano’s fees are lower than Atrium and Bitcoin.

In addition, the Cardano blockchain is working to strengthen its network during this time, and the amount of rewards that white hackers receive if they successfully identify vulnerabilities in the network has recently doubled.

Analyst’s publication: the price of Cardano will reach $ 58 by 2030 appeared for the first time in Digital Currency.

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