Analyzer: Bitcoin, LightCoin and Ripple are ready to jump

Bitcoin and Ripple have recently been ready to experience a new jump in price, said a recent analyst in the digital currency market. He also talks about a token called Zilliqa, which grew by more than 500 percent in two weeks, comparing its ascending structure to that of the famous AltQueen.

According to the Daily Hoodle, a digital currency analyst who has a large following on Twitter, recently said he believes bitcoin, Ripple and other altcoins are likely to maintain their upward momentum despite some market turmoil over the weekend.

A trader named Credible told his 320,000 followers on Twitter that he predicted that bitcoin would fall to $ 42,000 before resuming its uptrend.

He said:

In terms of bitcoin, we regained a very important level at the end of the last trading week. The last four times the price of the candle closed higher or lower than this level in the long run, the price was moving in the opposite direction of the range over the next few weeks. And this time we expect the price to fall to the support of $ 40,000 and then the upward trend will continue.

Bitcoin graphics in weekly view
Bitcoin price chart in weekly view; Reliable analysis.

As can be seen from the chart above, this analyst predicts that the price of bitcoin will rise above $ 50,000 after the end of the short-term adjustment process.

Ripple is another digital currency of interest to this analyst. According to him, in order to create upward charts on the chart, this digital currency is preparing to start jumping over the zone of 1 dollar.

Authentically added:

It will take a little longer than expected for the Ripple market to emerge, but the trend will continue. Rising floors are formed on the chart and the price is slowly rising. We can see price fluctuations in the short term, but I think the uptrend will continue and Ripple will continue its uptrend.

Wave graphics in 2-day view
Ripple pricing chart in 2-day view.

Based on the chart above, he predicts that the price of Ripple will first rise to $ 1.01 and then rise to $ 1.50.

LightCoin is Credible’s latest digital currency. According to Credible, the price chart of Light Coin is similar to the structure of the Zilliqa market. The relatively low market value of this coin has increased by about 500% in a short period of time.

Credible said:

Zilika’s price has almost doubled in just two weeks, and LightQueen looks technically similar to this token. The next moves in this market will be spectacular.

Compare Zilika and LightQueen graphics on a weekly basis
Compare Zilika and LightQueen graphics on a weekly basis.

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