Archive C-Panel host emails and transfer it to other hosts

In various situations, such as changing hosts and transferring information or purchasing email hosts, you may also want to move old or important emails. Of course, there is a section in email C for full backup called email, but a simpler and faster solution is to just back up your host’s email tab and transfer it to the host you want. For example, suppose the process of sending and receiving e-mail has been done through Web Mail C Panel so far, but now you have an e-mail host and you do not want to lose old emails or you have changed your host and you want emails to be transferred to the new host along with all the data, so in this tutorial from the knowledge base of the Fa host How to archive emails on a C-Panel host and transfer emails to other hosts We reviewed.

The topics covered in the archiving lesson for hosting C-Panel emails and transferring them to other hosts are as follows:

  • Transfer email from one host to another
  • How to archive emails on a host
  • Restore the C-Panel email archive

Transfer email from one host to another

Archiving hosting emails is suitable for situations where for some reason you decide to archive your hosting emails or retrieve them to another host, such as email hosting. You may even want to transfer the service and want to transfer all information, including your emails to the destination host. In such cases, you can easily back up the host’s emails and transfer it to the destination host. Below we will look at how to archive host emails and restore email backups to destination hosts, as well as transfer C-Panel host emails to email hosts. Watch out for Prepare a complete backup of the C-panel host It also works, which includes email hosting, but you may prefer to back up only one hosting email due to time consuming or heavy backup.

Stage 1: How to archive emails on a C-Panel host

By following the steps below, you can back up your email and save it as an archive in the system, or upload it to another host, such as your email host. This trick is when to replace hosts or even when preparing an email host This is very useful if you do not want to lose old emails.

This operation is performed on the source host, ie. the host that contains the desired emails.

  1. The first step in helping to archive emails Host C Panel Login Tutorial Log in to the control panel of the output host. There are your emails.
  2. In your hosting panel, in the FILES section, click the FILE MANAGER option.
    Location of C Panel files
  3. There are two called directories in the home section of your host mail And etc You will see that they include emails and configurations related to your host’s emails. Select these two directories.
    Backup email
  4. To archive host emails, right-click the two selected directories and select Compress.
    Backup email
  5. Now at this stage, while archiving the email host, a field similar to the one below will be displayed. You can select the desired extension for the archive file. zip extension.
    Learn how to archive email
  6. After the compression operation, a zip file will be displayed in the initial path of the output host. This file is actually a backup of your host’s C-panel emails.
    Archive hosting emails
  7. In the image below, the file is the same as the desired archive file and can be downloaded and archived into the system or uploaded to another host. To download the file, right-click on it and select Download.
    Transfer host emails to other hosts

So far, you have been able to back up your emails to the C-Panel host. As mentioned, you can keep this backup version of email hosting on the system or transfer it to another host, such as email hosting or web hosting.

Step 2: Transfer C-Panel host emails to other hosts

So far, you’ve managed to get a backup copy of all your host’s emails, but this zip file and the information in it are just an archive, and you can’t check or verify them unless they’ve been transferred to another host! In fact, this information can only be read by hosts. To restore an email backup to the C Panel host, just follow the steps below:

The process of restoring an email backup is performed on the target host, the second host.

  1. First, enter the destination host C Panel. (This is the host to which you want the emails to be transferred.)
  2. A very important point to pay attention to is to check which domains the emails were created on in the previous host and in the destination host to define exactly the same domains as the domain names. It’s a matter of appearance. This is done so that the destination hosting service can display your email in the EMAIL ACCOUNTS section. For example, we want to transfer the emails of the domain, which are [email protected] and [email protected], to the second host with the domain, so in the second host we must also have the mizbanfa .net domain, which we define it as a domain name. You can from Learn how to create domain names in C Panel Also get help editing your domains.
    Transfer host emails to other hosts
  3. After adding the appropriate domains on which the emails were created, to upload the email backup file to the C-panel host you created in the previous step, go to the FILES section and click the File Manager option.
    Location of C Panel files
  4. In this step, upload the archive file you prepared to the home section of your destination.
  5. To restore the email host’s backup panel C, right-click the email backup file and select Extract. You must say that the target host has mail folders, etc. that include email and current host settings. Don’t worry at all, this archive will be placed next to other data after extraction and the current data will not be lost. 😊
    How to archive email
  6. Now all email addresses and email settings in the source host are on the new host.
  7. To check and ensure the recovery of the email archive of other hosts, click the Email Account option in the Email section.
    C-panel emails
  8. You can now see in the email section that all the addresses that existed in the source host have been added to the destination email section.
    Restore backups of email

You just managed to archive your emails and transfer them to other hosts. 😍

In various situations such as changes to the host, the availability of very important and necessary emails that need to be archived, data transfer and … you may need to archive the emails in your host and move them to another space. Archiving host emails in an emergency can be a very useful and practical solution. You can even back up all your old messages and back up your host’s email to your computer, then simply restore the email backup. Host In this tutorial, we looked at how to archive C-Panel host emails and how to transfer host emails to another host.

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