Atrium whales accumulate oxygen indefinitely

Data from the Atrium chain shows that the whales in the network have been accumulating Axie Infinity since the beginning of the week and have accumulated a significant amount of Chinese tokens for blockchain games in their wallets.

According to Daily Hoodel, since the beginning of the week, the big whales of the Atrium network have accumulated the main token of one of the most popular Chinese block games on the market.

Data from the analytical platform WhaleStats, which monitors whales’ activity in digital currency, shows that Oxyinfiti traded more than any other token among the 1,000 large whales in the Atrium network earlier this week.

Will State statistics also show that several large atrium whales have amassed millions of dollars indefinitely. Atrium, the third-largest whale, apparently bought 40,000 oxy-Infiniti tokens worth more than $ 2.46 million in a transaction.

Atrium’s 18th-largest whale also bought 40,000 tokens worth about $ 2.25 million on Saturday. On Sunday, the whale also bought another 174,000 oxy-infinity tokens worth more than $ 11.23 million.

Oxy Infiniti is a Chinese trading and battle style trading game. Players who are also shareholders in the game and can collect, reproduce, beat and trade digital assets.

The project’s main token, AXS, is currently trading at around $ 63.44. The price of this digital currency, which ranks 39th in the market, has risen by almost 20% in the last seven days.

However, MATIC, the main token of the Paligan network, has taken over from Oxy Infiniti in the last 24 hours and now has the largest deal among the top 1,000 Atrium portfolios.

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