Authentication of Bainance accounts has become mandatory for Safe Bridge wallet users

According to the official announcement of the SafePal Digital Currency Portfolio Development Team, those users who previously had access to the Bainance Exchange Decentralized Application (DApp) version through this portfolio without the need to create an account or authentication, May 12 (May 22) will be required for certification.

According to Arzdigital, the text of Saif Paul’s portfolio statement reads:

Safe Bridge is the first decentralized portfolio to allow digital currency transactions in exchange for Bainance for mobile app users. This safeguard (compulsory authentication) aims to help Bainance authenticate clients to the exchange and fight money laundering.

According to the SeifPool team, from 00:00 on May 12 (4:30 on Thursday, May 12) all new SeifPol users will need to authenticate to use the Bainance app in this wallet. From now on, current users will only be able to withdraw their assets from a binance account associated with their wallet if they have not authenticated. It should be noted that the orders and trading positions of Bainance users in Safe Bridge will be automatically canceled and closed from that date onwards.

It should be noted that from May 12 (May 22) users who want to trade through SafePay in Bainance must link their verified account to this program or if they do not have an account on the website and the main program of this exchange, and Build a new account and then complete your authentication steps in it.

It is worth noting that the Bainance Group is one of the main investors in the Safe Bridge portfolio.

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