Bainance: Don’t pay attention to celebrities when investing in digital currencies

Bainance Exchange recently launched an advertising campaign encouraging people to invest in digital currencies, regardless of the opinions of celebrities and celebrities, relying solely on their own research. Some of those participating in this campaign will receive NFT awards.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, the NFL and the Chinese blockchain community seem to be fascinated by each other; Because every day there is a lot of news about the cooperation between the two. For example, some players in this league want to earn their salaries in digital currencies; Or the legend of American national football, Tom Brady, is ready to launch his own unique token market. In addition, the American National Football League is ready to offer its own NFT to participants in the Super Bowl, the last annual game of the American Football League.

As the Super Bowl approaches, fans of this competition are sure to look forward to digital currency ads. Now Bainance, the world’s largest digital currency exchange, has warned consumers in one of its marketing campaigns not to take digital currency ads too seriously during the Super Bowl. Bainance, which has the largest volume of transactions compared to other digital currency exchanges, is using celebrities themselves to highlight this problem.

The exchange released its first video of the campaign last week starring Miami Heat striker Jimmy Butler. Butler said in the video that “he can advise viewers on many things, but he can’t guide them on financial matters.” He warned viewers that many people will be told they need to enter the digital currency market, but the right thing to do is for everyone to make that decision through their own research. The motto of the campaign is “trust yourself” instead of trusting celebrities active in social networks.

In its campaign, Bainance called on viewers to alert every time a Super Bowl ad is run and a celebrity talks about digital currencies. To motivate, Bainance gives 2222 people “POAP NFT” with a picture of Jimmy Butler. POAP is a special type of NFT that rewards participants in virtual and real events.

Regatton star Jay Balvin also joined the campaign. In his new video, he urges people not to ask him about digital currencies; Because he also teaches this area. He even admitted that he felt stupid when others asked him for advice on digital currencies.

It seems that the goal of Bainance in partnership with these celebrities is to introduce users to its platform and training section of its website. According to the company, Valentina Shevchenko, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, will join the campaign in the future.

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