Bitcoin founder Satoshi Vision was fined $ 43 million

Craig Wright, founder of the bitcoin digital currency Satoshi Vision and who has repeatedly identified himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of bitcoin, was recently fined $ 43 million in court. The fine is part of a lawsuit filed by David Kleiman’s brother against Wright.

According to Crypto Potito, a federal judge in West Palm Beach, Florida, has ruled that Craig Wright must pay another $ 43 million to W&K in addition to the previous $ 100 million fine. W&K is a company founded by him and David Kleiman more than a decade ago. According to the court, Wright illegally seized the intellectual property belonging to their joint venture in recent years.

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist and founder of the digital currency Satoshi Vision, has become one of the most controversial figures in the field of digital currencies since claiming to be the creator of bitcoin. However, the 52-year-old businessman has failed to provide enough evidence in recent years to prove that Satoshi Nakamoto is genuine.

Wright was a close friend of David Kleiman, and years ago they formed an organization called W&K. However, Kleiman’s death in 2013 caused more controversy for the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin.

David Kleiman’s brother, Ira Kleiman, is suing Wright on behalf of W&K. The jury was tasked with assessing a number of charges, including whether the Australian was responsible for theft or fraud against W&K. However, as previously reported, he was convicted and acquitted of the other charges. Wright was subsequently forced to pay $ 100 million for the unauthorized use of Clyman’s joint ventures in Florida.

According to a recent court document, District Judge Beth Bloom sentenced him to pay another $ 43 million in damages for the pre-trial of the W&K case.

W&K’s lawyers said in a statement that the court’s ruling, like the previous ruling, was “a historic milestone in China’s digital currency and blockchain space.”

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The invention of the world’s first digital currency is a significant milestone in the evolution of the digital asset sector. As bitcoin is gradually making its way into the global financial system, many are eager to unravel the mystery of the identity of the creator of this digital currency. According to some, Satoshi Nakamoto’s decision to remain anonymous is as clever as the invention itself, as it reinforces the mysterious nature of the digital asset.

Some time ago, Dr. Saif al-Din Amos, author of The Bitcoin Standard, said that there are many great inventions used by society today, but no one knows their developer.

You use the wheel every day, but you don’t know who invented the wheel. We use a lot of things every day. This is not because we trust the inventor of the device, but because of their proven experience.

The publication of the founder of bitcoin Satoshi Vision, fined $ 43 million, appeared for the first time in Currency Digital.

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