Bitcoin jumps to $ 42,000 after Biden’s executive order failed

In the early hours of the day, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a mistaken statement detailing the details of Joe Biden’s executive order on digital currencies. According to Yellen’s statement, the US government and the president himself have a positive attitude towards digital currencies.

According to Kevin Desk, this morning, after Janet Yellen mistakenly published some details about the text of the executive order related to Biden’s digital currencies, the price of bitcoin rose by about 8% and the price of other digital currencies also rose. According to information leaked on the website of the US Treasury Department, Biden in his executive order seeks to legislate digital currencies in a way that benefits American citizens, consumers and businesses.

Yellen said in a statement:

President Biden’s executive order will support innovations that are accompanied by “accountability”, as this will affect the policies of various government agencies. [در برخورد با ارزهای دیجیتال] Integrates.

Yellen continued.

According to the text of the presidential executive order, the Ministry of Finance is obliged, in cooperation with other state agencies, to present a report on the future of money and payment systems.

Immediately after the publication of the text of this statement, bitcoin jumped 8% and reached the highest level of 41,900 dollars. Other major currencies in the market, including Atrium, Solana and Luna, have similar jumps.

Bitcoin jumps to $ 42,000 after Biden's executive order failed
Chart of the price of bitcoin in dollars; A mutation related to the moment when the details of Biden’s executive team are lost.

Cameron Winklevoss, founder of the Gemini Exchange and one of the most famous figures in the field of digital currency, wrote on Twitter:

Like [از بیانیه یلن] Obviously, Biden has a positive view of digital currencies in this executive order and is seeking greater coordination and a holistic approach to digital currency policy-making; In a way that supports responsible innovation.

He added:

I welcome this constructive approach, which has taken into account the regulation of digital currencies and seeks to work with stakeholders to maintain the United States as a leader in the digital currency industry.

The US government’s executive order, which deals specifically with digital currencies, has recently received a lot of attention from activists in this area, and one of the reasons for this is the debate over the use of digital currencies by Russian investors to circumvent sanctions. . That’s why some experts have predicted that Biden will have to take a tougher line on digital currencies.

Although moderate in Yellen’s opinion, the US Treasury Secretary expressed concern about the misuse of digital currencies in criminal activities.

Yellen’s statement, now removed from the Treasury website, said:

The Executive Order addresses the risks associated with the financing of criminal activities, the protection of consumers and investors in the area, and the prevention of threats to the global financial system and economy.

Bitcoin’s jump jumped to $ 42,000 after Biden’s order first appeared in digital currency.

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