Bitgert tokens increase by 100% in one month; What was the reason?

Despite the downward trend in the digital currency market, the price of BRISE, the main token of the Bitgert network, has risen by about 1,000 percent in the last 30 days. It can be said that this growth token owes its growth to the efforts of developers who have increased its reputation by launching various projects and presenting some new ideas.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, despite the weakening global political environment of the digital currency industry, the developers of this industry continue to work.

One of the projects that has recently attracted the attention of many retailers is the Bitgert project and its main token, Bryce. The goal of this project is to create a Chinese blockchain network that can process 100,000 transactions per second without costing consumers much. The high computing power and low price of this Chinese block are among the reasons that have increased its popularity.

The Bryce token was at $ 0.000000157 on February 8 and reached a daily high of $ 0.00000184 on March 7 (March 16) with an increase of 1.124%. During this period, the daily trading volume of this token also increased by 1050%.

Bitgert tokens increase by 100% in one month;  What was the reason?
Three-hour chart of the price of the token in dollars.

The launch of the BitGarrett China network, the launch of the beta version of the BitGarret Exchange, the cooperation with various companies and the inclusion in the list of various centralized exchanges are among the reasons that led to the growth of the token. Below we intend to assess how these currents affect the price of Bit Garrett network tokens.

Launch of Beat Garrett China

The most significant development of the Beat Garrett project in recent months was the launch of the Beat Garrett China blockchain ecosystem on 14 February.

With the launch of the China BitGaret Network, the Bryce token was placed in the core network of the project, as well as in the BNB Beacon Chain or former China Smart (BEP20). The token can be transferred through smart contracts between China Binet Smart and Bit Garrett.

China BitGaret is built on the BRC20 standard and can go so far as to process 100,000 transactions per second for a fee of approximately $ 0.0000001 per transaction.

China’s Bit Garrett Network supports various decentralized financial applications, proxy token projects (NFT) and Web 3.0 protocols.

Bitgart Exchange

The beta version of the BitGare Exchange Exchange was released on March 6, which helped strengthen the project.

BitGare Exchange is the first exchange protocol launched on the BitGretch China platform and currently supports Bitcoin, Atrium, LightCoin, Dash and DodgeCoin.

According to the website, the Bit Gareth Exchange will be the first digital currency exchange that does not charge users any transaction fees. Let us add that this exchange, like Bainance, has a completely centralized structure.

Cooperation with several companies and entry into various exchange offices

Cooperation with several companies and entry into various exchange offices is the third factor that has led to an increase in the price of token prices. These factors have helped raise awareness and access to Bryce tokens.

Following the launch of China’s Beat Garrett in mid-February, Token Bryce is available on, Coin98 Exchange, BitMart,, (, BitForex and HotBit.

In addition, Bit Garrett collaborates with Sphynx Labs, Omniaverse, 4D Twin Maps and Innovativ Plastics. Bitgert Startup Studio It was also created to help entrepreneurs and businesses put their ideas or plans into a smart contract based on BitGarrett.

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