Central Bank Governor: Testing of Iran’s national digital currency will begin in a few months

Ali Salehabadi, the governor of the Central Bank, said testing of Iran’s national digital currency project in some parts of the country would begin in a few months. According to Salehabadi, the duration of this trial period should be 6 months.

According to Arzdigital and quoting the public relations of the Central Bank, Salehabadi said during a joint meeting of the Governor of the Central Bank with experts and professors in the field of economics with a focus on the cryptocurrency of the Central Bank:

The issue of the central bank’s cryptocurrency has long been discussed in the monetary and banking policy-making body, but during this period a working group consisting of economic, technical and banknote issuers experts completed the issue at an experimental stage.

The Governor of the Central Bank, stating that the priority of this organization at this stage is the reform of the banking system on three sides, added:

But the important issues now being discussed in the world, including the national currency code, were not far from the attention of the Central Bank, and important decisions and measures were taken in this regard. We will be a state.

The head of the Monetary Council, emphasizing culture and education in this area, said:

In addition to the pilot implementation of this plan, the necessary training and culture building in this area should be carried out by experts.

Salehabadi announced that the pilot period of this project is 6 months and said:

After this period, in addition to the pathology of the subject, the report on this project will be provided to economic and banking experts to take advantage of the views of intellectuals in this field.

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