Chairman of the stock exchange organization: Investment fund in digital currencies will be launched with the approval of jurisprudence

Majid Eshgi, head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization, said the plan to trade digital currencies in the capital market would be implemented in the form of exchange-traded funds on a trial basis. He said these funds would be set up if legal issues were approved.

According to the talks held in the government, ordinances and laws are being drafted for cryptocurrencies, as well as for cryptocurrencies, which in this law have obligations for the stock exchange organization. Of course, this law has not yet been finalized and the necessary conclusions must be drawn.

The head of the Organization for Stock Exchange and Securities added:

In general, the nature of this market (cryptocurrencies) is different from the stock market and faces completely different risks. In addition, there is some serious jurisprudence about it, which is being discussed in the stock exchange organization and we are currently studying it. Due to such problems, no serious decision has been taken so far on cryptocurrency transactions in the capital market and no final conclusion has been reached.

Eshghi talks about the application of Chinese blockchain technology in various sectors:

In addition to this issue, the issue of the use of blockchain technologies as well as similar technologies in processes is raised; This issue has a different discussion and category and we need to put some processes on the agenda through the use of new innovations. In this regard, with the help of other financial institutions, we are reviewing and deciding to determine how new innovations can be used in the settlement process, as well as the registration and maintenance of assets.

He added:

With regard to cryptocurrency transactions, a fund has been proposed to be piloted in the sandbox (test environment), measures have now been taken and these funds will be set up if court issues are approved.

The post of chairman of the stock exchange organization: Investment Fund in Digital Currencies will be launched with the approval of legal issues that first appeared in digital currency.

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