Check the technical specifications of the new Intel Miner; Will Bonanza be the least consumed miner in the world?

Intel, one of the giants in the hardware industry, has just released the specifications of its new miner. Designed specifically for bitcoin mining, the device has less power than market models, according to Intel executives.

According to TheBlock, Intel recently released the technical specifications of its new bitcoin miner Bonanza Mine.

Intel introduced its new miner Bonanza Mine at the international conference ISSCC 2022, organized by the Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and made it clear that the company’s first generation miners are more energy efficient than all other miners on the market .

People in the bitcoin mining industry use hardware called “special purpose integrated circuits” or ASICs. Intel said each Bonanza Mine miner has 300 BMZ1 chips. Number one in the name of this chip means that the current model is the first version of this hardware designed for retrieval.

These 300 chips produce a total power of 3600 watts and at the same time have a processing power (TH / s) of 40 torque per second (hashrate). This shows that the processing power of the new miner of Intel is less than the hash rate of other miners on the market.

The estimated power of Bitmain’s Antminer S19 and Antminer S19 Pro miners is between 95 and 110 trillion per second. In addition, MicroBT’s WhatsMiner M30S has a processing power of 112 processors per second. Bitcoin miners also have a liquid cooling system that the company says increases the processing power of its devices to 198 torque per second.

Intel’s new miner can’t compete with other models on the market in terms of processing power, but the company claims that Bonanza Mine’s energy efficiency is higher than known devices. Companies such as Block, a collection run by Jack Dorsey, a former CEO of Twitter, and Argo are on the list of prominent customers who have already placed their purchase order.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In other words, it is not clear whether Block & Argo are customers of Intel or Miner Bonanza chips.

In addition to the introduction of Bonanza, Intel has announced plans to introduce a second generation of its new digging hardware, BMZ2, soon.

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