Check the technical specifications of the second generation Intel Miner; The most economical miner in the world?

One of the companies active in the field of bitcoin mining, which has a close relationship with Intel, has published some of the technical specifications of the second generation of the miner in this series. The company claims that the new Intel miner, which should be launched at the end of 2022, will be the best miner in the world in terms of performance after Bitmain’s “S19” series. However, the first generation of this miner has not yet been released.

Intel’s second generation of miners, known as Bonanza Miner 2, is the second, according to Quindsk, a Grid Infrastructure Institute that works closely with Intel and has hardware contracts with the company. The market will be in terms of productivity.

The maximum power of this new miner will be 135 tremors per second, and its electrical efficiency will be 26 joules per tremor. As a result, this miner is more efficient than the latest bitcoin model called “Antminer S19 Pro + Hyd”. The power of the latest model Ant-Miner is 198 torque per second and its power is 27.5 joules per torque. In addition, Intel’s second-generation miners are more efficient than MicroBT’s Whatsminer M30S ++, with 112 reductions per second and 31 joules of electrical efficiency.

However, the Bitmin miner “Antminer S19j XP” is still the best miner on the market. The power and electrical efficiency of this miner are 140 accelerations per second and 21.5 joules per acceleration, respectively. It is worth noting that energy efficiency is very important for bitcoin miners; Because energy is one of their biggest operating costs.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Grid supply agreement with Intel also includes material design. This shows that both Intel customers and the company itself can design custom digging equipment using these special chips.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block, formerly known as Square, is a customer of Intel chips. According to Dorsey, his company plans to design an open source mining system based on “custom” silicon.

Grid announced that the price of the new Intel Miner will be half lower than that of the Antminer S19 Pro and its performance will be 15% higher than that of the Bitcoin model. As a result, the gross profit of miners who use Intel’s second-generation model instead will increase by 130%.

Grid Company did not present this miner as Intel’s own miner. Published agreements between the two companies and Intel’s own communications show that the two companies worked together to build a miner.

Intel released details of the first generation of its mining chips at a conference in early February. However, the second generation of the miner is scheduled to be delivered to Grid, Argo Blockchain and Block later this year.

It is worth noting that Intel’s entry into the mining industry could break the industry monopoly of current manufacturers.

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