China Blockchain Association: Iranian consumers should be careful when identifying their assets

The Iranian Blockchain Association of Iran recently issued a warning statement that cases of identification and labeling of assets of Iranian users of digital currency platforms have recently been observed. Experts of the association advised Iranian traders to observe precautionary measures to prevent the spread of these labels.

According to Arzdigital, the Iranian Blockchain Association of Iran issued a statement a few hours ago warning of identifying and labeling the assets of Iranian users on foreign digital platforms.

Below we read the full text of the statement of the Chinese Bloc Association.

Statement by the Chinese Bloc Association on the risk of identifying Iranian consumers

The association has repeatedly warned about the identification and labeling of digital assets based on blockchain technology and its consequences.

As you know, blockchain technology is transparent and visible in nature and can be attributed to a specific identity or geographical location (for example, via IP or to addresses associated with the digital portfolio associated with that digital asset). Discard it in subsequent transactions
He is also being prosecuted technically and even legally.

Companies such as Cifetris, Crystal, Chinalis and Elliptic already offer a variety of digital asset identification and labeling services. Following this identification, if the digital asset is fully decentralized (such as bitcoin), centralized receivers (such as centralized digital currency exchange platforms) may block the asset upon receipt of the asset or refuse to accept it as a waiver value. freeze in your wallet (like Teter), the token issuer can freeze it in the owner’s own wallet.

Recently, there have been cases of labeling of consumer assets, even on decentralized exchange platforms such as “1inch”, which, according to the reporting of consumer assets in sanctioned countries, has led to the blocking of assets on host platforms such as Binance.

It is very important for Iranian companies to adhere to security points, and part of their responsibility is to keep consumers’ assets safe. However, users also need to do simple things, such as not using external scanners (explorer or blockchain search engine) or working in Iranian IP (IP) currency exchange offices or transferring assets directly between platforms that are likely to be identified. and sanctioned. Also learn to comply with them to reduce the risk of identifying and labeling their assets.

China Blockchain Association: Iranian consumers should be careful when identifying their assets
Image of the statement of the Iranian Bloc China Association regarding the risk of identifying the assets of Iranian consumers.

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