Chinese Bloc Association Declaration: Unusual tariff setting for electricity generation will lead to continued underground activities

The Iranian Bloc Association issued a statement yesterday criticizing the way the digital currency is mined and setting non-traditional tariffs for the industry’s energy needs.

According to Arzdigital, the foundation of the Chinese Bloc Association is ready:

For three years now, setting tariffs for ciphers equal to 70% of average gas exports and electricity export rates has led to a lack of private sector investment (while declaring full readiness) in energy conversion infrastructure in the country The country has become the dimensions of the energy economy and the digital economy, which we still see in the same way, resorting to completely false reasons and vulnerable excuses.

The Chinese Blockchain Association of Iran said in a statement, referring to the tariff for electricity consumption in the mining industry:

We propose that in order to prevent the departure of companies and specialized human resources from the country and the non-preservation of Iranian digital assets in foreign companies, the laws should be amended in such a way as to have a helper and a perspective for development. We emphasize that setting non-expert tariffs for energy in such a way as to ensure the cost of electricity above 4 cents ($ 0.04) for this industry will be nothing but backwardness and continued underground production for the country.

In the concluding part of its statement, the Chinese Bloc Association called on civil servants to change their approach to the country’s mining industry and create conditions for using the capacity of this sector.

See the full text of the statement of the Iranian Chinese Bloc Association through this link.

Statement of the Chinese Blockchain Association: The unusual speed of electricity production continues underground activities appeared for the first time in the digital currency.

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