Cocoin Report: Rejecting Legal Risk Reduction Projects Will Increase DAO Sovereignty

The KuCoin Exchange Research Center says in its annual report that decentralized financing (DEFI) projects related to legislation and regulatory risks will gradually transform their governance into a decentralized organization (DAO) model.

According to the Quinn Telegraph, the Cocaine Laboratory, the investment and research division of the Cocaine Digital Currency Exchange, has published its annual report. The report predicts that Defai will continue to grow in the digital currency industry in the new year. Also, Difai’s project management will be based on the model of a decentralized self-governing organization or Tao.

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Due to the encroachment of delinquent whales on the defense ecosystem, the financial risks of these projects have also been taken into account more than ever. This led to an increase in demands for regulation of the area last year, after which legal action was taken against dubious projects.

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Given the focus of lawmakers and regulators on defense projects, the Coca-Cola report predicts that these projects will turn to the Taoist rule to reduce legal risks. In this report we read:

Defai’s projects, which seek to reduce their legal risks, will follow Dao’s governance model.

According to the report, the Tao, which prioritizes the interests of society, will be able to achieve the real goal of decentralization. To this end, the government will see changes in Diffie’s projects using various mechanisms.

The report also proposes that Taoists be considered legal entities; Because their basic operation is logical enough. However, we may not see widespread Taoists next year; But modifications to its mechanisms could pave the way for the adoption of this model of governance in various companies and industries.

Meanwhile, the Chinese union’s blockchain protocol recently announced that the platform will host 450 new Daewoo in three weeks. This number is equal to 10% of the total number of Taoists available.

Also, the Marshall Islands recently recognized the Tao as a legal entity, which means that they will now be able to register legally and start operating in the country under the jurisdiction of Pacific Logo.

All this shows that the decentralized structure of government is becoming more widespread in the Chinese bloc.

The Cocaine Report: Overcoming projects to reduce legal risks will increase DAO’s sovereignty appeared for the first time in the digital currency.

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