Countdown to Cardano Update; Is the network becoming more scalable?

The Cardano network will be updated tomorrow, Monday, February 14 (February 15), at 12:30 (Tehran time). With this update, the capacity of the Cardano network to take advantage of smart contracts is expected to increase.

Cardano, one of the largest exchange networks, is on the verge of a major upgrade, according to YouTube. With this update, Cardano’s network capacity to host transactions will increase and Plutus scripts will be able to use more computing resources. Plutus is a software framework that has added the ability to maintain smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain.

Input Output Global, the company responsible for developing the Cardano blockchain, said the upgrade is in its final stages.

Starting with Cardano Block 321, each Pluto script can handle 14 million units of memory per block instead of 12.5 million units. According to the official calendar of the Input Output Global website, this course will start on Monday, February 14 (February 15) at 12:30 (Tehran time).

The total capacity of the Cardano processor is set at 56 million memory units per unit. As a result, the network can now support up to 4 Plutus scripts running simultaneously in one or more decentralized applications.

After the implementation and activation of this update, Input Output Global closely monitors the work of the Cardano network in volume 321. It should be noted that each period of time in the Cardano block (Epoch) lasts about 5 days.

If this update is not enough, the developers of Input Output Global are considering newer cases for short-term development of Cardano.

This update is part of Cardano’s transition to the Basho stage. Basho is a planned period that will make the scalability of this digital currency better than before.

Once the Cardano network enters the Basho phase, it can be used in complex business or “B2B” activities. The reason is that in this case, Cardano’s scope and transactional capacity will be greater than its competitors.

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