Creator of the Bollinger Bands indicator: $ 45,000 is the key to the bitcoin jump

John Bollinger, creator of the Bollinger Bands index and one of the most well-known financial market analysts, said Bitcoin and Atrium are close to their price levels and could take advantage of the opportunity to change their overall market trend.

According to YouTube, John Bollinger, a digital currency trader and analyst, tweeted that the $ 45,000 level was an important “turning point” for the bitcoin market.

Yesterday, the price of bitcoin reached its highest level of $ 45,137, which is the peak price of March 2 (March 11, 1400). The digital currency then adjusted much of its jump to $ 44,200. However, the price of bitcoin has not dropped significantly since then.

Creator of the Bollinger Bands indicator: $ 45,000 is the key to the bitcoin jump
Daily chart of bitcoin prices.

Bollinger says the $ 3,200 level is the “turning point” in Atrium, the second largest digital currency on the market. AltQueen traded close to $ 3,195 yesterday, with a peak price on February 10 (February 21, 1400). Of course, Atrium, like Bitcoin, then adjusted part of its jump. The price of this digital currency is currently around $ 3,125.

The creator of the Bollinger Bands indicator believes that Atrium’s growth in the next upward trend in the market may be higher than other digital currencies. That’s why he asked his Twitter followers to pay attention to this digital currency.

Atrium’s price against Bitcoin has fallen 11 percent since early 2022, and market retailers appear to want to reduce their risk by selling their coins.

In 2021, however, the price of Atrium increased by 403% compared to bitcoin. The mass explosion of NFT was one of the factors that contributed to the rise in Atrium prices this year. The popularity of these tokens grew so much in 2021 that much of this year’s news headlines were related to them.

Although Atrium has performed poorly since early 2022, many analysts believe that if this network of digital currencies is seriously upgraded this year, it will attract the attention of many retailers. The upgrade, which changes the network mechanism from proof of operation to a new model proving availability, is due to take effect this summer. After the implementation of this update, the energy consumption of the Atrium network will be reduced to 99.95%. It remains to be seen whether Atrium can continue to outperform Bitcoin in terms of market value.

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