Deputy Minister of Communications: We do not recognize payments in digital currency

Reza Bagheri, the deputy communications minister, said that because government agencies are working on the Ramziral project, Iran’s national digital currency, they do not recognize payments based on common digital currencies. He added that the government is working to finalize and approve the legal framework related to this area.

According to Arzdigital and quoting the Radio and Television Agency, Reza Bhageri Asl yesterday in a telephone conversation with one of the television programs of Radio and Television said about the latest resolution of the Working Group on Digital Economy in working with cryptocurrencies:

When we work on national cryptocurrencies and have our own national cryptocurrencies, of course we cannot allow payments to be made with non-national cryptocurrencies.

He stressed:

The use of foreign cryptocurrencies is outside the sovereignty and is illegal under the country’s monetary and banking laws, so we will not have a law that recognizes payments with cryptocurrencies that do not belong to us.

The Deputy Minister of Communications added:

We do not want people to be harmed, God forbid, because cryptocurrencies are digital assets and whoever wants to exchange must be based on a set of rules. Like the rules that exist in the stock market and other currencies, cryptocurrencies must be regulated and the banking system must be followed.

Excavators said at last:

There is full cooperation between this Ministry and the Ministry of Economy, which manages this project for the work of the following committees of the Ministry of Economy, in coordination with the Deputy Chairman for Economic Affairs, and [قانون رمزارزها] Finally, it will be approved by a working group consisting of the Ministries of Communications, Welfare and Cooperation, Silence and the Central Bank and the Vice President of Science.

The publication of the Deputy Minister of Communications: We do not recognize payments in digital currency appeared for the first time in Digital Currency.

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