Despite falling prices, corporate investors are buying bitcoins

As a pioneer of digital currencies, bitcoin is still struggling to establish itself in the $ 31,000 range and start an uptrend. However, market data show that with the recent fall in prices, corporate investors have taken power and a new flow of capital into bitcoin and many digital currencies is emerging.

The digital currency market is still in turmoil, according to BT News; Because the price of bitcoin has dropped to nearly $ 30,000. The decline in market confidence has led to a decline in inflows and an increase in outflows in the last few weeks. After the price of bitcoin reached its lowest level this year, it seems that the feelings of corporate investors towards this digital asset have changed and for the first time in recent weeks this has led to a significant inflow of capital in this digital currency.

$ 45 million has been invested in bitcoin

After a few weeks of leaving the bitcoin market, this digital currency is once again witnessing capital inflows. The $ 45 million bitcoin inflow last week was good news for digital currency pioneers. This means that the position of corporate investors, who previously withdrew their money from bitcoins to invest in altcoins, has now changed.

These institutional investors withdrew their capital from bitcoin when the indices showed a downward trend and are now back to buy the digital currency at low prices, with the next upward trend. In fact, this may indicate the return of positive emotions among organizational investors.

Bitcoin short selling positions followed a similar trend, setting a record for the second consecutive weekly inflow. Last week we saw $ 4 million in short positions in bitcoin, and now the total assets of the digital currency (AuM) under management have reached their new highest record of $ 45 million.

Graph the price of bitcoin in 1 minute view.
Graph the price of bitcoin in 1 minute view.

Meanwhile, other digital asset investment products have also benefited from rising inflows. In a surprise spin, a total of $ 40 million was poured into digital asset investment products.

Although the Altcoin market lost its low tide last week, the inflow of these digital assets was very good this week. Solana, meanwhile, outperformed the other quinces, recording a significant inflow of $ 1.9 million.

The outflow for other pennies continues; Because negative emotions are still seen in bitcoin. $ 12.5 million was withdrawn from the Atrium market last week. In addition, 0.8% of all Atrium-managed assets have been withdrawn from the Atrium market so far, bringing the total annual outflow of digital currencies to $ 207 million.

Inflows and outflows are different in markets in different geographical areas. According to CoinShares, an analytical website, capital flows to the North American digital asset investment market have reached a record $ 66 million. In Europe, meanwhile, about $ 26 million in capital has flowed from digital asset investment products.

The recent trend of capital flows into assets such as Bitcoin and Solana proves that corporate investment has come to the fore to take advantage of weak market prices. This price weakness continues while Bitcoin is still trying to build support above the $ 31,000 zone.

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