Digital Currency Analyzer: Flow tokens can grow with two big changes

One digital currency market analyst said Flow Token could change the current steady market trend by making two fundamental changes in its approach. He believes that the centralization of the production network is one of its main problems.

According to the Daily Hoodel, host of the popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau, recently talked about the preconditions for a price jump.

Flow is a decentralized first-level blockchain for games, programs and non-unique tokens (NFT). Blockchain is constantly adding new features to the application to its core protocol, allowing users to participate in decision-making and network management. Flo’s ecosystem partners include various brands such as Warner Music, NBA and Ubisoft.

Guy, an analyst at the Kevin Bureau, told his two million followers on YouTube that his major contribution to the Chinese bloc did not seem very positive.

Guy said:

The main problem is that Flo’s collaboration with these well-known companies is probably the most important reason not to participate in other projects. [غیرمتمرکز] The space of digital currencies and the lack of attractiveness for the community are in favor of digital currencies. My proof of this is that Flow does not support a single digital portfolio and does not cooperate with other digital currencies. Remember that Flow now has hundreds of millions of dollars in assets.

China Flow’s native blockchain token, like many tokens in the digital currency market, has recently fallen in price. The 53rd-ranked digital asset is trading at $ 5.35 at the time of writing and has fallen more than 20 percent in the past month. Guy said more influence in the decentralized digital currency community could help increase flow.

Analyst Kevin Bureau says:

Currently, the flowchain blockchain is fully concentrated. As you probably know, centralism in general is a threat to a network without trust. Despite all this, the team of developers of Flow Dapper Labs is already aware of this and steps are being taken to further decentralize the network.

He added at the end:

My only hope is that by increasing cooperation with other networks and maintaining a portfolio, more efforts will be made to introduce ordinary users of digital currencies. These two factors alone may be enough to generate more demand, and Flow can help them offset their ongoing supply shocks and bring good profits to investors in the future.

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