Dodge Quinn suddenly jumps after Ilan Musk’s tweets; I don’t sell my digital currencies!

Tesla CEO Ilan Musk, one of Dodge Quinn’s biggest fans, tweeted this morning that he has no plans to sell Bitcoin, Atrium and Dodge Coins already bought. This mask tweet was followed by a 10% jump in Dodge Quinn.

According to Kevin Desk, Ilan Musk once again and after a long time with his tweet caused a sudden jump in the value of Dodge Quinn. The price of Dodge Quinn rose short by 10 percent this morning after Musk announced on Twitter that he had no plans to sell his digital assets.

Amid the turmoil in the digital currency market, the Dodge Quinn was trading at around $ 0.111 this morning. After Musk’s tweet at 7:41 a.m. Tehran time, in which he said he would continue to hold Dodge Coin, Atrium and Bitcoin, the price of this meme coin rose to $ 0.122.

Ilan Musk wrote on Twitter:

For those who want to learn from this tweet, I must say as a general rule that it is usually best to have physical assets such as real estate or stocks of companies that you think produce good products instead of dollars when inflation is high. I still keep my Bitcoin, Atrium and Dodge coins and have no plans to sell them.

The price of Dodge Quinn probably jumped due to the activity of automated trading robots. Automated trading bots track every mention of digital currencies, following popular accounts on various social networks such as Twitter. Ilan Musk’s Twitter account, for example, has more than 77.6 million followers.

The price of the Dodge Quinn fell to $ 0.114 after the jump and at the time of writing.

Dodge Quinn suddenly jumps after Ilan Musk's tweets;  I don't sell my digital currencies!
Dodge Quinn Price Chart; 1 hour market view of Dodge Quinn / Dollar.

Musk has tweeted several times about Dodge Quinn. In February 2021, he tweeted an image of a rocket to the moon and the word Doge, a tweet in one word that led to a sharp rise in the price of the Dodge Quinn. The image of the rocket and the moon refers to the sudden and sharp rise in the price of digital currencies.

Also in May, Musk said he would work with Dodge Quinn developers to improve the digital currency, raising its price by about 22 percent.

As previously reported, from the beginning of 2022, Tesla agreed to pay Dodge Quinn to sell some of its products. The Dodge Quinn payment option will remain active and the prices of all products in addition to this digital currency will also be displayed in dollars.

Dodge Quinn’s post jumps after Ilan Musk’s tweets; I don’t sell my digital currencies! appeared first for currency.

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