E-Commerce Development Center: We do not prevent the provision of payment gateways to digital currency exchanges

An employee of the Center for the Development of E-Commerce, which is responsible for providing the signal to online businesses, said digital currency exchanges could not receive the symbol, but the government did not stop the payment gateway for businesses operating in the area.

According to Arzdigital and quoting the Young Journalists Club, Mohammad Javad Hadi, deputy director of business facilitation at the Center for the Development of Electronic Commerce, said:

For unregulated areas such as cryptocurrencies, we have developed a mechanism in cooperation with the central bank and the private sector called “other financial areas” for which legislation has not yet been adopted, but we do not prevent payments from them, but maintain the status quo. We play a neutral role.

He says:

According to the Central Bank, it is possible to obtain payment gateways for this type of mechanism in such a way that people in the Imad system choose “other financial areas” and after the process and registration of their information the e-commerce organization receives their information without charging .. The applicant refers to the bank. If the central bank approves, these people can get the payment gateway. In the past, the Central Bank and Shaparak had this power.

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In March 2017, Shaparak Payment Services Company ordered payment companies to suspend electronic payment services for digital currency exchanges, but Shaparak’s decision was opposed by various sectors and ultimately failed. However, now, according to the Center for E-Commerce’s re-emphasis on public relations, companies operating in new financial areas, such as digital currencies, can receive payment gateways without the approval of the Central Bank (Shaparak).

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