Executor of a plan for power supply of mining centers: The new laws will add imprisonment for violators of miners

The manager of the Tavanir company, which works under the Ministry of Energy, said the proposed new laws on the extraction of digital currencies in the country have increased the penalty for illegal extraction and imprisonment of the offender.

According to Arzdigital Digital and quoted by IRNA, Mohammad Hodadadi Bohloli, contractor of the Ramzarz extraction power supply project, said:

The proposed new rules and regulations, which are in the process of ratification, include increasing penalties, including fines of at least 3 to a maximum of 5 times, depriving the offender of his liberty and revoking his business license if the offense is repeated.

He continued:

Any use of subsidized energy tariffs such as household, industrial, agricultural and commercial tariffs for code extraction is prohibited.

The contractor of the project for electricity supply of the centers Ramzarz Tavanir said:

The misuse of subsidized electricity to extract cryptocurrencies reduces the quality of electricity and damages the electrical appliances of neighbors such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

Hodadadi added:

Also, due to the fact that miners work 24 hours a day and have very high energy consumption, this illegal action limits the power supply to other subscribers during the hot and cold days of the year.

He continued:

For this reason, if a violation is found, all miners will be detained by the police first. Second, the defective common power supply is interrupted. Third, heavy fines are imposed on the offender and the offender’s case is eventually sent to the judiciary.

It is worth mentioning that the Center for Information Technology in the country published a bill in December 1400 to combat the illegal extraction of digital currencies, according to which the penalty for violating miners is to pay three to five times higher consumption of electricity.

The publication Executor of the plan for feeding mining centers: Imprisonment of violating miners, added to the new rules, appeared for the first time in digital currency.

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