Experts: Until the war in Ukraine ends, the market situation is uncertain

The digital currency market has fluctuated sharply since the start of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Experts believe that the only way to restore calm in the market is to declare a permanent ceasefire in Ukraine.

According to Kevin Desk, the overall market situation of many digital currencies is declining on Thursday and Friday. After these fluctuations, the levels that reached the price on Tuesday and Wednesday were lost.

Asset prices such as stocks, digital currencies and some high-risk commodities have fluctuated sharply over the past month; This shows that investors are still very skeptical about the future of the market.

Bitcoin prices rose about 7 percent on Wednesday after Putin announced that positive moves had begun during talks with Ukrainian officials. However, on Thursday and Friday, as the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified, the jump was accompanied by a downward correction.

The way lawmakers dealt with the digital currency industry during this period has also somewhat weakened investor morale. Reuters reported on Friday that several digital currency companies in the Emirates have clashed with a large number of Russian customers who wanted to convert billions of dollars from their digital assets into money.

In addition, the White House and the Group of Seven (G7) on Friday imposed new sanctions on Russia, some of which are related to digital currencies. The group is ready to publish a policy on the misuse of digital currencies to circumvent sanctions. The US Treasury Department also recently published a short guide on its website on the use of digital currencies to circumvent Russian sanctions.

MRB Partners, an investment research firm, wrote in its report this week:

Unless a ceasefire is declared in Ukraine, there will be a significant distrust in the market. This position has a direct negative impact on the bond stock market, but as it turns out, market conditions are approaching a sell-off.

The research institute expects the stock market to grow significantly after the end of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. As the correlation between the price performance of digital currencies and the stock market has increased during this period, bitcoin may follow in the footsteps of this potential jump.

What are the signs of a decline in the value of Atrium compared to Bitcoin?

Atrium has lost about 20 percent of its value in the last 30 days, while the price of bitcoin has fallen by about 12 percent. The poor performance of Atrium and other market instruments that fluctuate more than bitcoin shows that investors are less willing to take risks these days.

Analysts at Kevin Base, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States, say:

The break of the 40-week support of the moving average on the Atrium / Bitcoin market pushed the price below 0.066 points. This decline was accompanied by an 8% decline in the value of Atrium against Bitcoin since early February; A measure that we usually use to measure the risk-taking of investors in the digital currency market. Risk-taking and the desire of investors to enter the market for assets other than things like bitcoin, which usually retain their value, still seem to be low.

The chart below shows that Atrium / Bitcoin market prices have fallen below the 40-week moving average; Just as it happened during the downturn in 2018.

Experts: Until the war in Ukraine ends, the market situation is uncertain
Atrium price chart versus Bitcoin.

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