Factors affecting the price of land in Metavari

In this report, we look at the views of Joel John, an investor in the LedgerPrime Fund, on the factors influencing land pricing at Metavars. John points to five important factors in determining the price of metatarsal land.

According to Cryptonews, the price of real estate in Metavar is often determined based on the number of applications for it. The report explains how an investment fund manager can turn transforming lands into a revenue-generating machine for their owners.

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According to John, the problem is:

What does it mean to be a neighbor in Metawari? Why is it important at all? What happens if Snoop Dogg has several tons in Metavari? Are the prices of the neighbors of all these lands rising? Honestly, no one knows the answers to these questions.

John explains that, unlike tokens, metadata fields usually cannot be broken down into smaller pieces based on the client’s capital, and that purchasing these fields often requires significant capital. For example, the average price of a plot in Sandbox is about $ 10,399, and in Decentraland it is about $ 11,954.

To understand the significance of these prices, we must first understand what is the significance of the land in Metawari? According to John, the concept of the earth is nothing but a space in which you can express everything you want, digitally.

Factors affecting the price of land in Metavari
Monthly revenue from popular Metaversi platforms

According to John, the five main factors that can affect the value of a metamorphic piece of land are:

  • Number of people entering (total effect)
  • Memetic proximity
  • Geospatial context
  • Economization
  • Art

The number of people who enter is the first factor that relates to the number of people who encounter this digital piece of land. The same concept exists in the physical world. For example, non-digital commercial properties are more expensive in areas where many people pass.

The second factor influencing the price of metatarsal lands is called memetic proximity. This concept can be equated with the ability to be close to a person or something in the metatarsal bone, which a person or something attracts a lot of attention.

Geographical context refers to the fact that people can gain fame and gain greater value because of the similarity of their property with the property of a famous person or by owning a piece of digital land to the digital land of a famous person or company.

Due to the growing interaction between finance and Metawari, economization will be the third factor influencing the price of land in Metawari. Many projects in the financial world use Metavar’s digital context in their investment strategies. As a result, areas that are part of these companies’ strategies, such as divisibility or leasing, will be more valuable.

Finally, the value of land in Metavar is always influenced by the design of the game in which the terrain exists. If the game’s graphics and interior art are stunning, it’s likely that game developers will sell the land at auction and then landlords will be able to rent it from other users to use or cross their land.

Some opponents of the value of the lands in Metawara believe that since the lands in Metawara can be created indefinitely, they will not be very valuable. John finds these people irrational.

This logic is like saying that websites can’t be very valuable; Because there is no limit to the number of websites you can create.

John writes about this:

Converted lands have high barriers to entry, and even when a group of people own them, they are eager to develop those lands instead of selling them immediately and exchanging them for money.

According to John, metamorphic domains, managed by the model of decentralized self-governing organizations (DAOs), are currently a symbol of the decentralized Internet, with real consumer property and a touch of madness.

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John says this:

In my opinion, the future of our progress is a redesign of the past.

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