FATA Police: Advertisers of digital currency fraud projects will be dealt with legally

The head of the FATA Police Cybercrime Center said that those who advertise digital currency projects or investment schemes in cyberspace are responsible and will be prosecuted if it turns out to be fraud.

Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi, head of the FATA NAJA Cybercrime Detection and Prevention Center, said:

Today, due to the fluctuations of the investment market, some citizens invest their capital in the field of digital currencies, and cybercriminals, knowing this, change their course and try to deceive their compatriots by investing in digital currency.

He added that such digital currency frauds take various forms, such as fake websites, adding:

Observations by FATA police experts show that some operators of popular sites and channels and even some celebrities are promoting in this area and inviting citizens to invest in this area.

The police officer said:

Meanwhile, due to the lack of information and awareness of the propagandists, some citizens were unknowingly taken to counterfeit currencies and trapped by fraudsters, providing grounds for their abuse.

Explaining this problem, Colonel Rajabi said:

Many currencies and projects initially made a name for themselves through controversy and marginalization, and even some reputable sites mistakenly supported them, but after some time, after raising significant sums, they began to deceive citizens.

The law enforcement official advised the promoters of digital currencies in cyberspace:

In this space, they should not advertise such cases without the necessary expertise, because in the case of advertising and any fraud related to currency or the advertised site, they will be brought before a reputable judicial authority in accordance with the law.

The head of the FATA Police Cybercrime Detection and Prevention Center advised citizens:

Due to the fact that a large number of new currency codes and tokens are entering the digital currency market on a daily basis, it is necessary to be extremely careful in this area and not to trust non-specialists in cyberspace.

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