Fixed issue with sending emails with Laravel via smtp

Sending an email is one of the main features that should be considered by business owners after purchasing the right website hosting service. Because email is a very convenient way to communicate between webmasters and users who can send and receive various information such as a registration link, change password and … Sometimes it is noticed that different websites use this way of communication to send newsletters and breaking news and the like. Typically, websites designed using the php programming language use Phpmailer to send and receive emails, which unfortunately does not have a good security path and can be a problem for people sending and receiving spam emails. . In this regard, many people are looking for a solution to be able to send emails with Laravel in the safest possible way. The security method that can be used to solve the problem of sending emails with Laravel is to send emails to Laravel via smtp. In this article we decide on the knowledge base of Fa-host Learn how to email Laravel via smtp We provide you with dear friends so that you can send and receive your emails as soon as possible, in addition to increasing the security of your information.

According to the working policies of the Fa host collection, it is not possible to use php mail, and sending and receiving emails is only possible via smtp or port 587, with the aim of preventing spam emails and keeping IP servers completely clean. I have.

Laravel FrameworkThe topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • Learn how to send an email to Laravel
  • How to send an email to Laravel via smtp

Learn how to send an email to Laravel

Laravel is a web-based framework that allows its users to design and build their own applications and structures using the php programming language. This framework is very popular among programmers due to its unique capabilities and has become one of their main choices. One of the main parts of every cms is the email, which manages customer relationships.

Occasionally, people who use phpmailer and send and receive spam content or large amounts of content may experience various security issues for websites or to increase security and prevent security issues on your host server, and restrictions on sending and receiving by email. In this regard, people are usually advised to use an smtp server to send and receive emails. In the continuation of this article we will teach you how to send emails in Laravel with smtp step by step so that you can send your emails without any problem or if you have any problem with sending emails via phpmailer, this feature will be corrected. Take advantage of the problem of sending emails with Laravel.

Keep in mind that before any action is required, you must create an email account for your host:

How to make an email in Direct Admin How to make an email information about the site in Host C Panel

How to send an email to Laravel via smtp

To send an email using smtp in Laravel, you can follow the path below:

  1. In the first step, you need to log in to the administration panel of your website according to the instructions on how to log in to the C-Panel control panel.
  2. Now you need to go through the menu Files Zirmanno File manager Choose.
    Email Laravel
  3. Then on the relevant page File manager Your host enters the road Public_html Click on the file okr. Right-click to display the various menus for this file. Below, among the various options that appear, the option editing Select to edit this file.
    How to send an email with Laravel
  4. It should now be in the file okr. Find the section for sending mail and replace the information in this section with information about your email hosting. Laravel email settings options include the following by default:
    • MAIL_MAILER = smtp
    • MAIL_HOST = mailhog
    • MAIL_PORT = 1025: This section is for writing to the email port. You can get help from port 587.
    • MAIL_USERNAME = null: Replace the word null with a username that is the same as the email address.
    • MAIL_PASSWORD = null: Enter your email password.
    • MAIL_ENCRYPTION = null: Enter the encryption method shown in the blue box below.
    • MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS = null: Enter your email address in this field.

    Learn how to send an email to LaravelYou can now go through the section Email accounts And options Connecting devices It is located in front of the desired e-mail address, see the information you need to replace the mentioned default values, and after entering the desired information, click the button Save changes Save the applied changes.

    Note that if you use encrypted mode with SSL / TLS it’s necessary MAIL_PORT On 465 And if you use the mode No SSL You should too MAIL_PORT On 587 I put.

    Email settings with smtp in Laravel

  5. In the next step, you can follow the process of sending emails to Laravel via smtp. To do this, you can click on the option Check your email Enter the email box you want.
    Learn how to email Laravel
  6. Then click on the option as shown below Open up Click round cube The mailbox will be shown to you.
    How to send an email to Laravel with smtp
  7. Now enter the email address of the destination, the content of the desired email, and other items, and finally click the Send Click.
  8. You will see that your message is easily received at your email address.
    Learn how to send an email with Laravel smtp

Typically, different servers impose restrictions on the server to increase security, making it impossible to send and receive emails through php mailer and spam emails. For this reason, people need to enable the necessary settings for sending emails via smtp to their hosts to be able to monitor the process of sending and receiving emails without any problems. In this Fa-host knowledge base article, we tried to give you a tutorial on how to solve the problem of sending emails to Laravel via smtp. With this feature, you can easily follow the process of sending emails in Laravel and your worries about sending and receiving emails are easy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through the comments section of this article.

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