Google data: From 2022, users will pay less attention to NFT and MetaTracks

A survey of Google users shows that the volume of Internet browsing associated with NFT and Metawares has decreased since 2022. Meanwhile, the decline in the popularity of NFT is more pronounced than in Metavars.

According to Kevin Telegraph, while people’s interest in searching for the meta-universe and NFT keywords has increased in the last quarter of 2021, data from the Google Trends platform shows that there may be noise in February 2022. these areas have become less prominent.

Statistics for the last 12 months of Google Trends, which is a tool for measuring the search volume of various terms on Google, shows that the volume of searches for the word metaverse increased from October (October) to December (December) 2021. From the beginning of 2022, however, interest in the search for this word began to decline and reached its lowest level in early March.

In addition to the metaverse, NFT keyword searches have declined since early 2022, but the decline in NFT keyword searches has been more pronounced. As can be seen from the image below, the demand for this word, which peaked in 2021, declined sharply in the first quarter of 2022.

Google data: Nobody cares about NFT and MetaTracks!
Changes in the volume of meta universe searches and keywords for NFT on Google.

In the last 12 months, Turkish users have had the highest number of keyword searches in the metaverse. Next in line are China and Singapore. Cyprus and Lebanon are fourth and fifth, respectively.

Meanwhile, for the past 12 months, Singapore has topped the NFT keyword search list. Then Hong Kong, China, Canada and the Philippines are next in line.

In December, for the first time, the interest of people searching for the word NFT surpassed the word “crypto”. In addition, the monthly trading volume of the NFT OpenSea market reached its highest level in January. The increase in demand for this keyword and the volume of transactions show that NFT has finally attracted the public’s attention to digital currency market participants.

The growth of incomparable tokens in 2021 is due to the launch of some popular collections and the activities of celebrities who began to offer their own collections. Many celebrities have shown interest in NFT in the last year, from rappers like Snoop Dogg to marketing experts like Gary Weinerchuk.

Google Data publication: From 2022, users will pay less attention to NFT and Metawares, first appeared in digital currency.

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