How can I install Ubuntu 20.04 storage?

The storage configuration of Ubuntu 20.04 or any other Linux operating system allows you to install and configure software. There are many large and small software programs for Linux that combine into software packages to create larger software. These packages are placed in storage. Therefore, sometimes users need to add storage to their operating system to install and run the software.

In this article from the Pars Pack blog, we will teach you step by step how to configure the storage in Ubuntu 20.04 so that you can easily add the storage you want to the operating system. So stay tuned.

Reputation configuration tutorial in Ubuntu 20.04

By default, repositories have a large number of packages or packages that contain different software. But sometimes there are situations when the software in question is not in this package or there is a very old version. In this case, you can add the desired storage and install your software through it.

Be careful when setting up a repository in Ubuntu, as these training operations are sometimes taught in conjunction with software trial structures and even the Linux kernel. Therefore, you should carefully read the third-party repository information in its description and update manager.

Ubuntu repositories

Ubuntu Tank Installation Tutorial 20.04

List of repositories in Ubuntu 20.04

First, to see your repository list, you must use the following command:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Also, repositories can sometimes be located in one of the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/.

To deactivate one of the repositories, just comment on the equivalent line:

# deb focal multiverse

How to add storage to Ubuntu 20.04

To add storage, you need to find its address through Software Developer or your software developer. Then use the apt-add-repository command as follows:

apt-add-repository ‘deb http://repository_address version branch’

Note that sometimes you need to install the GPG security key first. Think of MariaDB as an example:

apt-key adv --fetch-keys ''

Now add storage:

add-apt-repository 'deb [arch=amd64,arm64,ppc64el] focal main'

This way, you can add storage to Ubuntu by following the steps above. Now the question may be asked whether it is possible to remove the storage in Ubuntu or not? The answer to this question is short and positive!

You can easily delete storage in Ubuntu. Below we will teach you how to do this.

How to remove Ubuntu storage 20.04

To remove Ubuntu storage, just use the following command:

add-apt-repository --remove 'deb [arch=amd64,arm64,ppc64el] focal main'

PPA storage in Ubuntu 20.04

When you install the PPA repository, the system automatically detects the repository and retrieves the necessary keys:

apt-add-repository ppa:repository/ppa

If you want to remove the PPA repository, use the following command:

apt-add-repository --remove ppa:repository/ppa

Note that after editing the repository list, update the package list in the system. To do this, enter the following command:

apt update

last word

Configuring Ubuntu 20.04 storage or other Linux distributions is not a difficult task. Just enter the commands and directories carefully enough. In this article from Pars Pack we tried to teach you how to configure storage in Ubuntu 20.04. We hope you find this tutorial interesting. You can share your questions and concerns with the Pars Pack technical and sales team and receive the necessary instructions on how to install storage for various software on your Linux server.

Ubuntu 20.04 Storage Configuration FAQ

1. How can we set up storage in Ubuntu?

To install and set up storage in your software resources, just follow the steps below:

  1. First go to Navigate to Ubuntu Software Center> Edit> Software Sources> Other Software.
  2. Then click Add.
  3. Enter the storage location now.
  4. Click Add Source.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Click Authentication.
  7. Finally, click Close.

2. How do I edit a repository in Ubuntu?

Through the graphical user interface or you can go to the Software Sources section of the Edit Ubuntu Software Center menu. Then enter your password and on the page that appears, find the storage you want to delete. Finally, click on it and select Remove and click Close.

3. How do I find Ubuntu 20.04 storage?

Using / etc / apt / sources. list. d / apt-cache directory or command You can see the list of repositories in Ubuntu 20.04.

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“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “برای نصب و راه‌اندازی repository در منابع نرم‌افزاری خود کافی است مراحل زیر را دنبال نمایید:

نخست به Navigate to Ubuntu Software Centre > Edit > Software Sources > Other Software بروید.
سپس بر روی Add کلیک نمایید.
اکنون مکان ریپازیتوری را وارد کنید.
بر روی Add Source کلیک کنید.
رمز عبور خود را وارد نمایید.
بر روی Authenticate کلیک کنید.
در نهایت بر روی Close کلیک نمایید.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “چگونه در اوبونتو ریپازیتوری را ویرایش کنیم؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “از طریق رابط کاربری گرافیکی، یا می‌توانید در منوی Ubuntu Software Center Edit به بخش Software Sources بروید. سپس پسورد خود را وارد نمایید و در صفحه ظاهر شده ریپازیتوری مورد نظر برای حذف را پیدا کنید. در نهایت، بر روی آن کلیک کرده و گزینه Remove را انتخاب و بر روی Close کلیک نمایید.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “چگونه ریپازیتوری در اوبونتو ۲۰.۰۴ را پیدا کنیم؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “با استفاده از /etc/apt/sources. list. d/ directory یا دستور apt-cache می‌توانید لیست ریپازیتوری در اوبونتو ۲۰.۰۴ را مشاهده نمایید.”

How can we install Ubuntu 20.04 storage? For the first time in Parsupack. appear.

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