How has addiction to digital currencies ruined my life?

Addiction to digital currencies is something like gambling addiction; Except no one talks much about it.

According to CryptoGlobe, Dr. Theo de Vries is the CEO of The Diamond Rehab Rehabilitation Clinic, which has a history of involvement in the treatment of people addicted to digital currencies. DeVriz says addiction to digital currencies is often linked to other addictions, and many of its patients are addicted to alcohol or drugs in addition to digital currencies. He says their clinic treats digital currency addiction in a way similar to gambling addiction. According to the addiction specialist, gambling addiction has “the highest suicide rate of all forms of addiction.”

The Quinn Desk website recently interviewed an unidentified patient who was previously highly addicted to digital currencies. This man is 38 years old and has two children and owns a marketing company. He entered the world of digital currencies in 2016 after hearing news about Atrium.

The anonymous patient said that his addiction was constantly growing over time and that his condition was deteriorating after he lost almost all his money while hacking his personal wallet. After this hack, he tried to find a way to recover the stolen money and compensate for his previous losses. The digital currency addict is said to be completely fascinated and angry with Atrium and after a while took out a loan from the bank and even from friends and family to increase his investment.

Eventually, he resorted to excuses and lies to get more loans and invest in digital currencies. The patient said he was constantly checking the price of digital currencies, obsessed with digital currencies, spending all his free time watching related videos on YouTube, and constantly wondering what the next hottest project in the digital currency market would be.

Someone close to the patient eventually persuaded him to seek help to treat his addiction to digital currency and to enter a rehabilitation center. He eventually overcame his addiction and stopped investing in digital currencies; But he said it was really difficult for him to stay away from digital currencies, especially during the recent upturn.

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Asked how people can find out about their addiction to digital currencies, he said:

Let’s instill this in ourselves [اعتیاد] It’s not a serious problem, it’s easy. I’ve seen it among my friends. I don’t mean to say they have to go to a rehab center, but it’s not healthy to check your cell phone every minute to see if the price of digital currencies has gone up. You have to accept that you are on the side of a dilemma; This is the first thing you need to do.

He, who has fully outlined digital currencies, advises those who are now as addicted to digital currencies as he was in the past:

The next step is to take care of your digital currencies. Take time to take security measures. I know that what I said has nothing to do with digital currency addiction, but it was an important message that I had to convey.

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