How is Ilan Musk changing the digital currency on Twitter?

Ilan Musk is one of the most popular fans of digital currencies and now with the purchase of Twitter many people expect the rules of this social network to be aligned with digital currencies; But how will the middle of Twitter’s digital currency be affected by changing laws during the Ilan Musk era?

According to TheBlock on Monday, Ilan Musk finally got what he expected; He now owns Twitter.

The bizarre $ 44 billion deal, whispered earlier this week, has finally ended with the acquisition of one of the largest social media outlets. The recent deal will see Ilan Musk, who previously ran Tesla and SpaceX, take the helm of Twitter. Twitter was founded in 2006 and Ilan Musk, the great American entrepreneur, opened an account in mid-2009.

Since Musk offered to buy Twitter, many questions have surfaced in the public mind about the impact of such a deal on the digital world; But what will be the impact of this event on the digital currency space of this social network? Now that Mask is in charge of Twitter, what changes can be made to Twitter’s digital currency space?

Ilan Musk previously provided some clues in a press release:

I want to make Twitter better by adding new features, open source algorithms to increase trust, remove spammers, and authenticate all users. Twitter has great potential and I look forward to working with this company and its community to achieve this goal.

Ilan Musk against bots on Twitter

How is Ilan Musk changing the digital currency on Twitter?

In mid-April, Musk spoke about his possible approach to Twitter in an interview with TED Talk. During the interview, he talked about his close encounters with software bots on Twitter; A problem that can affect the space of the digital currency of this social network.

He believes that even if you spend some time on Twitter, you will surely notice a huge stream of constant responses from spammers trying to draw your attention to the latest digital currency scams on Twitter. The mask itself has been repeatedly directed by presentation robots; A record that undoubtedly determined his position in this regard.

“Maska said:

Honestly, my top priority is to remove spam bots, scam ads, and a collection of bots that are active on Twitter. They make this product (Twitter) much worse. If I got Dodge Coin for every digital currency scam I saw on Twitter, I would now have 100 billion of those tokens.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But it is undeniable that robotic fraud campaigns on Twitter have far-reaching economic consequences for their victims, and now that Musk is in charge of the network, they will be under pressure to change that.

Ilan Musk’s influence on Twitter monitoring rules

How is Ilan Musk changing the digital currency on Twitter?

Ilan Musk is not the only critic of the Twitter content monitoring approach. In fact, many figures in the field of digital currencies agree with him. Musk, as the new owner of Twitter, is now able to change the course of this collection in this section.

However, this problem seems a bit complicated. Given the possible opposition on Twitter and the danger that preventing the publication of violent and immoral content can pose to the social network, Musk is unlikely to want to change the whole system to create an unattended environment.

If he fulfills his commitment to the algorithms of the open source site, a lot of information will be published on how to manage the Twitter website. Public reactions to this issue may affect Musk’s follow-up to the social network’s regulatory approach.

The extent to which Mask is influencing a change in Twitter’s regulatory approach is likely to be more pronounced on “ambiguous” topics such as cultural, political and social publications. On these issues, there is a fine line between real discourse and destructive posts, and Twitter observers will have to identify them. For example, Ilan Musk may reduce the number of ways to suspend or block an account.

There is often a noticeable ideological battle on Twitter, with some users reporting dissenting posts such as malicious content and accusations that webmasters prefer one faction to another.

Also, the power of the mask will make those who are interested in digital currencies stand by it and probably increase the use of this platform. Those who oppose the mask, on the other hand, may leave Twitter’s digital currency space and focus more on platforms such as Discord or spend more resources and time building decentralized alternatives to Twitter.

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