How to buy bitcoins in Iran? A lesson on buying bitcoin

Once you are fully familiar with bitcoin, the next step is to buy it. In this article we will explain in simple language how to buy bitcoins and safely store this digital currency.

As you probably know, bitcoin has no physical form and is transmitted digitally. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy bitcoins in person, but online and online.

Also, the question that always arises for beginners is, should we spend a few thousand dollars and buy a bitcoin unit? No, you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. Like gold, from which you can buy a few grams, bitcoins can be divided into eight decimal places, and for example you can buy 0.001 from one bitcoin or even up to 500,000 bitcoins.

The surest way to buy bitcoins is to go to a digital currency exchange website.

Although bitcoin can be purchased in many ways, such as telegram or WhatsApp groups or from individuals, the surest way is to go to a reputable exchange website. Due to the semi-unknown bitcoin transactions, buying this digital currency through social networks and people you don’t know enough about is a very high risk and in case of fraud the next lawsuit will be very difficult.

If you live in Iran, on an Iranian exchange site, you can easily buy bitcoins directly with your bank card or convert your other digital currencies into bitcoins. If you live outside of Iran, you can buy bitcoins with a credit card or a foreign currency bank account.

Learn how to buy bitcoins from exchange offices

Shopping with a bank card

To buy bitcoins from the exchange, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Install a bitcoin wallet
  2. Find an exchange valid bitcoin
  3. Perform authentication with identity documents
  4. Buy bitcoins and enter the wallet

1 Install a bitcoin wallet

Before you buy bitcoins, you should know that you need a place to store bitcoins. The Bitcoin wallet can be considered your bank account, which can be used to receive, store and send bitcoins.

There are different types of bitcoin wallets and they come with different names. If we want to explain wallets very quickly, software wallets are free and can be easily installed on mobile phones (Android and iOS) or personal computers (Windows, Linux and Mac). Some other wallets are also portable and can be accessed through web browsers (such as Chrome). Hardware wallets, on the other hand, are more securely available and must be purchased.

To get acquainted with the best bitcoin wallets, we recommend reading the article “The best bitcoin wallets”; But if you’re looking for a safe option, you can start with Trust Wallet software. Trust Walt, which has the largest number of installations of all portfolios, is only available for mobile devices.

Be sure to download relevant wallets and software from official and reputable sources. Software downloaded from unofficial sources may contain malware and endanger your property.

To receive bitcoins, you must provide the address of your bitcoin wallet at the time of purchase. The Bitcoin address is a text string, such as a bank account number, that appears in your wallet (from the Receipt section).

Take security seriously

In the world of bitcoin and digital currencies, you are responsible for maintaining your assets. Bitcoin transactions are semi-anonymous and irreversible and it will be very difficult to track whether your bitcoins are transferred due to non-compliance with security measures. Also, if your wallet has been deleted and you don’t have a backup, you should say goodbye to your bitcoins forever.

So be sure to back up your wallet so that you can recover your money if your wallet password is lost or the device on which the program is installed is damaged. Backup wallets usually give you a set of 12 or 24 English words that you need to write down in a safe place. In case of any problems, you can use these words to easily access your assets.

Also, if you use your computer to store your digital currencies, be sure to install valid antivirus software on it, always keep your software up to date, and never open suspicious files or links. Also, be sure to check the address several times before sending bitcoins, as some malware will change the address at the time of sending and replace the hacker’s address.

If you plan to invest a lot of money, we suggest you buy a hardware wallet. Ledger and Trezor are two of the best hardware portfolios on the market.

2. Find a reputable bitcoin exchange

After choosing and installing a bitcoin wallet, you need to find a reputable retailer. You can buy bitcoins online from both real people and sites like the Digital Currency Exchange. Given the many scams in this area, we offer you to buy bitcoins from reputable exchanges and not to trade on social networks with people you do not know.

Buy bitcoin

Buy bitcoins from the Iranian stock exchange

If you live in Iran, buying bitcoins directly in rials and bank cards through Iranian sites is one of the best possible options. Just search for the word “buy bitcoin” or “buy digital currency” on Google to find a large number of Iranian exchange websites.

Websites on Google homepages are usually reputable and may act differently in terms of price and quality of service. For example, one exchange may have higher liquidity or better support than others. However, do not rely on Google and be sure to check its validity before registering with the exchange. Checking your address, phone number and business history are some of the most important things to check.

The interviewer is the best way to be more confident in the commitment and quality of the work of the exchange. The groups in the Telegram or the questions and answers section of the digital exchange site (stack) are one of the best places where you can be sure of the reliability of an exchange office. Stack users have already posted a lot about the best Iranian exchange offices.

Buy bitcoins from foreign currency

With international credit cards (such as MasterCard and Visa), PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Security, other digital currencies (such as Tetra or Ether) and ‌ Bitcoin can also be purchased from currency exchange offices. Of course, if you live in Iran, it is not possible to buy directly due to sanctions and you usually have to get help from intermediaries, which increases costs.

Coinbase (, Bitstamp ( and Binance ( are the largest exchanges from which you can buy bitcoin with your credit card (Visa and MasterCard). ( is another popular site where you can buy bitcoins by credit card.

Usually in each country one method of purchase is more popular than the other. In Australia, for example, most users use the Coinspot website to buy digital currencies. To find the right way to buy bitcoin in your country of residence, just Google the word “Buy Bitcoin” with the name of your country of residence; Example: Buy bitcoin in Australia.

Convert other digital currencies to bitcoins

If you have a tetra or other digital currency, you can convert it to bitcoin in international exchanges such as Bainance. For this method, you often have to go to Iranian exchange offices to buy Tetra and then convert it to Bitcoin. This method works for you when it costs less; This means that if you buy Tetra and convert it to Bitcoin, it will be cheaper.

Keep in mind that international exchanges do not allow users residing in Iran to work due to sanctions and there is a risk of blocking an account. However, most Iranian users currently use Bainance. In the article “Bainance Exchange Training” you can learn how to convert digital currencies in this exchange.

3. Authentication with identity documents

In most digital currency exchanges, especially in Iranian exchange offices, you need to verify yourself by registering by sending a photo of your identity documents. Authentication is performed to ensure that the money changer is the same person who bought the bitcoin. This is done in order to prevent fraud and possible money laundering.

At most Iranian exchange offices, you must send a photo of your identity documents (such as a national card and a bank card) to the exchange office to confirm your account. Some exchanges will also ask you to take selfies to be sure.

Most currency exchange offices do not provide authentication for small amounts, but authentication is possible if in doubt. Passport authentication is usually performed on these sites. Due to sanctions, Iranian passports are often not accepted.

How to authenticate your chosen site is fully explained.

4. Transfer money to the stock exchange and buy bitcoins

In most Iranian exchange offices, buyers and sellers are real people, and the exchange office only acts as an intermediary and charges a small fee for its services from each order. In some other exchanges, consumers trade directly with the exchange itself.

After verifying the exchange, you can top up your account with your bank card online and buy bitcoins by registering your purchase order.

After purchasing bitcoins, some sites store bitcoins in the site’s wallets; But for added security, you can withdraw your bitcoins into your personal wallet.

Is it legal to buy bitcoins?

How to buy bitcoin?  A lesson on buying bitcoin

There are still no clear rules on bitcoin; But storing and buying bitcoins is not banned for people in most countries around the world, including Iran.

There is currently no legal ban on buying bitcoins per se, unless the purchased bitcoins are not a crime (such as money laundering and terrorist financing).

On January 30, 2017, the Central Bank of Iran announced the use of bitcoin and other virtual currencies in all monetary and financial centers of the country. According to the announcement, any use and sale of bitcoins and other digital currencies in banks, financial institutions and exchange offices licensed by the Central Bank is officially prohibited. But this decision did not mean a ban on people.

In the event of possible fraud in this area, security agencies such as law enforcement and the FATA police are responsible for and empowered to fraud in this area as technology. In addition to discussing what digital currencies are, as a technology, the law can pursue as much as possible.

In case of fraud, hacking or breach of contract in the space of digital currency, a person can file a formal complaint and the court will hear it.

Frequently asked questions about buying bitcoin

What is the best way to buy bitcoins in Iran?

It’s a matter of taste and everyone chooses a way to buy bitcoin according to their circumstances. But in general, most people use Iranian sites to buy bitcoins.

Is it possible to buy bitcoins without authentication?

You may be able to buy bitcoins from real people on social media (such as telegram groups) without authentication; But there are many risks and the person in question may be a criminal or a fraud.

What is the cheapest way to buy bitcoins?

The answer to this question is relative; But in general, some people buy bitcoins directly from miners, so there is no need to pay additional fees and costs on exchanges.

Do I have to buy bitcoin?

No, bitcoins are getting smaller. For example, you can buy 0.001 bitcoin.

What is the minimum amount to buy bitcoins?

You can buy bitcoins for as little as 100,000 tons. Of course, some exchanges may set a minimum amount; But on paper you can buy bitcoins for any amount that corresponds to the fees of the bitcoin network and the exchange.

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