How to search for a domain and check if it is free

Searching for domains is one of the most important steps in creating a website and internet business and the website owner should register it after researching and making sure that the domain is free. This problem as a major and important step in website design today is associated with challenges and finding a free domain in the Persian network, as well as popular domains such as COM and IR, has become very difficult.

On the other hand, choosing the right domain and registering it are important in many ways. Because it is not easy to replace or change and carries a lot of costs for the website owner; This will double the cost, especially if the website or business is mature. That is why choosing the right domain today is not only a necessity, but also a science and experience from which individuals and organizations earn money as a service.

That is why in this article we go to the world of domains from the Pars Pack blog in a comprehensive and complete way. Then learn the full tutorial on how to search for a domain and check if it’s free for better.

What is a domain?

Domain search and free domain verification

Domain search and free domain verification

The simplest definition of a domain: A domain is the address through which a website is identified. In fact, it is a unique domain that communicates with the host or server online and makes the website online.

Each website address consists of two parts: a domain name (SDL) and an extension (TDL). In fact, the first part of SDL is the name of the website, which is chosen by the website owner. The second part is the suffix, which in the world of the Internet and the domain is a representative of the domain and is defined depending on the nature and function of the domain depending on the type of extension. Note that the domain name and extension must be consistent.

The TDLs used include the following:

  • Com. – All business goals
  • Org. – Organizations
  • Edu. – Educational institutions
  • Information. – Global
  • No. – Network projects
  • Governor – US Government
  • Boz – Commercial
  • Ir. – National domain of Iran

Extension com. Widely used. Because this extension is universal and is used in many countries without any restrictions. You can choose from any of these extensions depending on your type of business.

What are the types of domains?

Presentation of different types of domain extensions

What is a domain extension and which domain extension is better?

Domains are usually divided into two categories: national domain and international domain. National domain refers to domains whose license and ownership are back to a specific country. Each country can allocate its own domain to its organizations and enterprises. Domain ir. This is specific to Iran. The national domain is offered under the auspices of the Institute of Basic Sciences or the Research Center for Theoretical Physics and Mathematics in Tehran.

The international domain refers to domains that are not limited to one country and specific geography and can be used in all countries without any restrictions. Com domain. This is one of the most prestigious and famous international domains. However, this international domain is of two types, specific and general.

Domain Search Tips

Before looking for a domain and choosing one, it is best to know a few important and essential things about the domain and its registration in order to perform better in the process of searching for a domain. They include:

  • Domains are registered for a certain period of time (in fact, the right to use them is leased) and the domain must be renewed at the end of the deadline. Each domain has its own price depending on the type of domain and the price of the dollar.
  • Domains are transferable and can be transferred (read for a limited time) to another person. This has led to good growth in the buying and selling market. Sometimes, when domain search and registration are closed, buying a domain and transferring ownership is one way to register a domain.
  • Each domain is unique, but can be purchased with different extensions.
  • Each extension has a specific nature and function. For example, .com domains are for commercial websites, and .org domains are for NGOs and.
  • In the national domains of Iran, which is actually a .ir domain; It is not legally possible to record some words and phrases. Some other words require a license.

They are important for understanding the nature of the domain and the exact search and must be taken into account.

Price per domain

The price of a domain varies greatly depending on whether it is internal or external and you need to know the price before looking for a domain. National domain or ir, because there is payment in rials if purchased through representative companies; It is registered or renewed at a price of 6000 tons per year. But the foreign domain is completely different depending on the specific or general type of price and from about 300 thousand tons to several million tons can be paid for each domain in one year.

Important points when choosing a domain name

Choose a domain name

A guide to choosing the right domain name for your site types

When looking for a domain, it is better to consider the following points. Try to choose a domain registration phrase that is consistent with the principles of choosing a brand name. Choose a domain name that suits your business.

If necessary, submit your phrase with various spellings and spells (Chinese characters) so that in the future competitors will not be able to take advantage of the good reputation of your website by buying these domains.

  • Choose a domain name in the .com extension. And .ir ir. Feel free to register your domain in both extensions.
  • Give priority to key extensions such as .com, .NET and .Org.
  • Try to choose a unique domain name and avoid nominal similarities in common terms.
  • Buy the domain from reputable websites.
  • The domain name should be convenient and understandable to the audience in terms of pronunciation, writing and expression.
  • The domain must be able to be registered and there is no legal problem to register it.
  • The domain name should not be too similar to the names of registered brands and competitors.
  • Short domains mean longer life.

In addition, according to the terms of branding, the scope of the business, the scope of the business and … are also important. So when looking for a domain, keep them in mind so you can make the right choice.

Steps to search for a domain

Now that we are familiar with the concept of a domain and the points we need to know when looking for and registering it, the question arises, how can we search for a domain? Or what steps do we need to take to find a domain?

If you decide to do it cheaply and risk low bandwidth, you are only mistaken. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we will share with you the complete steps for searching for domains and ensuring that you are registered through the Pars Pack.

first step

Choose which extension you want to register your domain with. Keep in mind that the more common extensions you use, the better your chances of getting a free domain, on the other hand, popular domains like com. And ir. It can be easily found and recorded freely.

In the second step

Find and refine the words and titles that come to mind. Choose the best domain names to check if you are free or not.

In the third step

Go to the Pars Pack domain registration section and enter the domain names you suggested through the search section and click the preview button.

Search for domains in Pars Pack

Search for domains and free domain checks on the Pars Pack site

If the domain name and its extension are free and the user can register it, click the option to finalize the purchase and pay the desired fee. In the presence of a free domain and the possibility of registration. You will see the image below.

Domain registration on the Pars Pack site

Domain registration and purchase on the Pars Pack website

By clicking on finalize your payment for payment, you must log in to your account and then continue to pay the annual fee. This fee is for one year and the domain renewal fee must be paid each year.

After payment the full information about the domain will be placed in the panel and the email of the buyer and it will be possible to use the domain. If the domain ir. Yes, the story is a little different, and you need to enter an Irnic ID or Nick Handel once you’ve made sure the domain is free and before you pay.

This ID is given to the user after registration in Irnic and uploading the information and is used to register the national domain.

Buy national and international domains

Steps for registering and purchasing national and international domains on the Pars Pack website

These steps are necessary to search for the domain and make sure it is free.

The last word

Searching for a domain is one of the steps that must be taken before buying a domain, and if the domain is free, it can be registered. In this article an attempt was made to pay full attention to the search and how to register a domestic and international domain and talk about complete and complementary points for the domain, its types, important points in domain search, etc. On.

If you have questions about searching for domains and related tips, please share them with the Pars Pack team through the comments so that our experts can answer them.

Frequently asked questions about searching for domains

1. How do I search for a domain name?

All you have to do is enter the desired domain name in the Parsupak domain search box. If the name is already registered, you will see other similar emails. But if the desired domain is not registered, it is enough to follow the registration steps.

2. Is there a tool for finding and searching for a domain name?

Yes, there are various tools for searching domains. The GoDaddy domain name search tool can help you with suggestions and other alternatives for each domain you are looking for.

3. What to do if the domain name is registered?

If your domain name is already registered, you have several options. First, look for similar lists of domain names in search results to see if one matches your business. You can also have a domain name available with a non-COM extension, such as ir. I. Think. But to choose the same domain name, just contact the person who registered the domain. See if he intends to sell the domain and then buy it.

4. What should we pay attention to when searching for a domain?

To choose a domain name, you need to consider the following points:

  • Be brief.
  • It should be easy to pronounce.
  • Have easy spelling.
  • Be branded.
  • Be meaningful and keep in mind.
  • Suit your business.


{“@context”: “”, “@type”: “FAQPage”, “mainEntity”: [{
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “چگونه نام دامنه را جست‌وجو کنیم؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “کافی است که نام دامنه مورد نظر خود را در کادر جست‌وجو دامنه پارس‌پک وارد کنید. درصورتی‌که نام مورد نظر قبلاً ثبت شده باشد، نام‌های مشابه دیگری برای شما نمایش داده خواهد شد. اما اگر دامنه مورد نظر ثبت نشده بود کافی است که مراحل ثبت را دنبال نمایید.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “آیا ابزاری برای پیدا کردن و جست‌وجو نام دامنه وجود دارد؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “بله ابزارهای مختلفی برای جست‌وجو دامنه وجود دارد. ابزار جستجوی نام دامنه GoDaddy می‌تواند با ارائه پیشنهادها و جایگزین‌های دیگر برای هر دامنه‌ای که به دنبال آن هستید به شما کمک کند.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “در صورت ثبت‌نام دامنه مورد نظر چه اقدامی انجام دهیم؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “اگر نام دامنه مورد نظر شما قبلاً ثبت شده باشد، چند گزینه برای انتخاب پیش رو دارید. ابتدا، نام‌های دامنه توصیه شده مشابه را در نتایج جستجوی خود بررسی کنید و ببینید آیا یکی از آنها با کسب و کار شما متناسب است یا خیر. همچنین می‌توانید یک نام دامنه در دسترس با پسوندی غیر از COM، مانند ir. و … در نظر بگیرید. اما برای انتخاب همان نام دامنه، کافی است با شخص مورد نظر که دامنه را ثبت کرده تماس حاصل کنید. ببینید آیا قصد فروش دامنه را دارد و سپس آن را خریداری کنید.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “در هنگام جست‌وجو دامنه باشد به چه نکاتی توجه کنیم؟”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “برای انتخاب نام دامنه مورد نظر شما باید نکات زیر را در نظر بگیرید:

کوتاه باشد.
تلفظ آن راحت و آسان باشد.
دارای املای راحت باشد.
قابلیت برند شدن داشته باشد.
با معنا بوده و در ذهن بماند.
متناسب با کسب و کار شما باشد.

و …”

It says how to search for a domain and check if it is free for the first time in Parsupak. appear.

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