How to upload a file to a host via FTP

If you have a website on a host server, knowing how to use FTP to access files on the website for various reasons is a great and easy tool. In this article we will teach you how to use Filezilla to transfer files via FTP to the host.

Reasons why you may need an FTP connection.

There are several reasons why you may need to use FTP to access your hosted files.

1. Upload size limit: In the backend of popular CMS systems such as WordPress and even cPanel in the hosting account there are restrictions on the size of the upload. If you need to upload a large file as a video, you need to do it via FTP.

2. Upload WordPress Themes and Plugins: While many templates and plugins can be installed through the WordPress dashboard, if you purchase a premium template or plugin, you need to upload it via FTP.

3. Hacked: The best way to work through hacked sites, especially when you no longer have access to the site as an administrator, is to access and restrict files via FTP.

4. Server migrations: There are simpler ways to move your website to another server, especially with content management systems, but the ability to download all your files for each group is a more useful option. You cannot log in to your hosting account. FTP your secret door!

5. Archiving: If you plan to make major changes, you can download one or all of the files on your backup server.

Create an FTP account or FTP account

The first step is to create an FTP account in your hosting account, which is usually done by accessing cPanel. Each provider has a different host. In your hosting account, go to FTP accounts to access your cPanel (if you do not have cPanel, there must be a way to access and create FTP accounts on your hosting platform).

Create an FTP account

Learn how to create an FTP account

Each cPanel looks different and the section of your FTP account may be in a different area under the header. Look around, you will find it!

An FTP account may have been created when you first opened your hosting account. But let’s just get started and create a new account – an account whose password you know.

Add a username and password and write them down somewhere close to your hand. Help Leave the directory list blank so that your new FTP account has full root access. When the FTP account cannot access all the folders, this causes a lot of confusion, as only one folder and one subfolder can be accessed after startup.

Learn how to create an FTP account

Learn how to create an FTP account

Once created, it will be listed below your FTP accounts. “Often selector”Configuring an FTP client“To your new account. If this option is available, click on it.

Your FTP client is simply the software you will use to connect via FTP. The FTP Client Configuration page provides you with three important pieces of information:

  1. Your login name (Which you should have noted) * Note: may include @
  2. Your FTP hostname (To write it.)
  3. Port number (To write it.)

You now have your FTP account and access and are ready to connect!

Connect via FTP

The most widely used FTP client is FileZilla. Don’t worry – it’s free! Just download the latest version and the exe file will be installed for you.

After downloading FileZilla, open the software. To get started, click FILE and then SITE MANAGER at the top left.

Enter information in FileZilla

Connect to FTP with FileZilla software

On the next screen, at the bottom, click NEW SITE. Then you need to add your information in the following order.

  1. Put the name of your site on the left.
  2. Add the information you saved. (Username, password, port and host)
  3. Click OK first to save your information.
  4. Finally, click CONNECT.

Enter information in FileZilla

Use FileZilla to transfer files to hosts

And now you have to be inside! On the right you will see the file folders on your website. On the left are the folders with computer files. Just like any file manager, you can drag and drop folders and files from your computer to your server and back.

Note: If you can’t connect, check your username again. You may often need to add @ to your username. If you fail, search Google for “FTP + Your Hosting Provider” and see if you can find useful articles.

If the setup and connection of your FTP account is complete, you will no longer need to follow these steps! Filezilla saves the account in the file and reconnecting takes only a few seconds.

Upload host files

In FileZilla, navigating your computer files on the left is a bit difficult. To find your document folders, use the box in the upper left corner to go to This Computer> C> Users> Your Account Name> Documents. Use the + and – symbols next to each folder to expand and enlarge. When you click the desired folder, subfolders and files appear in the box below.

Upload the file to FileZilla

How to connect to FTP with FileZilla

Using the same method for finding files on your server as shown on the right, you can simply drag the desired file / folder from your computer from left to right and drop it using the up or down sections. .

If you don’t know where to upload a file – such as video – the files on your website that are accessible through your domain are usually listed in a folder called public_html. If you upload the video there, for example, you can watch the video at If you have multiple websites, look for a folder with the domain name of that website.

An alternative for WordPress users

An alternative to FTP is a plugin called File Manager. This plugin is only available for websites that use the WordPress code on a hosted server (not account holders).

This plugin creates a file manager with easy visibility in the dashboard. This makes it very easy to upload large files and folders to the end of WordPress. However, there are still size restrictions. Use traditional FTP for unlimited uploads.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most popular protocol for transferring files (downloading and uploading) from the system to the host. This protocol is the fastest way to transfer files. There are also many programs in Linux and Windows to connect to FTP. For Linux software such as vsFTPd, proFTPd and for Windows FileZilla Server is the best. In this article, we taught you how to transfer files to hosts via FTP and FileZilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is FTP used for uploading files?

FTP File Transfer Protocol is a way to download, upload and transfer files from one place to another on the Internet and between computer systems.

2. In which operating systems is FileZilla used?

FileZilla can be used in Windows, MacOS and Linux to transfer files to FTP.

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