How to write and run your first Python 3 program?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​due to its ease of learning. Today, most Word developers who are interested in this area choose Python as their first language.

In this article we will teach you how to write a simple program in Python 3 and run it. Stay with us.

What is Python?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, known as a general-purpose language. This language is not limited to one or more specific types of software and can be used for different tasks.

For example, some people use the Python programming language to analyze data. But on the other hand, some people use it to make computer and video games.

Basic Python code

Basic Python code for writing a simple program

That’s why learning Python is so important to programmers, and various professionals can benefit from it. Python uses modules and packages. Therefore, you can transfer the code of your project to another project and use it several times.

Today, Python is used by the world’s largest companies such as Google, NASA and YouTube, and for this reason has become very popular. On the other hand, the programming language will be suitable for both beginners and beginners. This ease of use has increased its popularity.

How to create a simple program in Python 3 and run it

Hello world! This is one of the classic and old programs in computer programming. This program is considered the first simple and complete program for beginners and will be suitable for testing the system and programming environment.

Then we will write Hello, world! To teach completely.


Let me write Hello, world! You need to provide some prerequisites. To write this program, you must first install Python 3 and then set up a programming environment on your server or computer.

Write hello, world!

Let me write Hello, world! First we need to open a command line in the editor tool like nano and create a new file:

$ nano

When the text file opens in the terminal window, enter your program:

print("Hello, World!")

Writing a program in Python 3

Learn how to create an online program with Python 3

Now we need to analyze the various components of the code. print () is a function that prints. Because functions use parentheses, we say that print () is a function.

print () tells Python to display or display items in parentheses. By default, this output is displayed in the current terminal window.

Some functions, such as print (), have built-in functions by default and are included in Python. It should be noted that these internal features will always be available for us to use in applications if necessary.

There are a series of characters in the brackets of the print () function and – Hello, world! – which will be placed in the quote. Basically, each character in quotes is called a string.

Exit nano by typing Control and X when you’re done writing the program. You can also do this by pressing the Y key when you need to save the file.

When you exit nano, you return to your shell.

Run Hello, world!

When you write Hello, world! When it’s over, it’s time to run it. Here we need to use the Python3 command with the name of our program file:

$ python3

The program you run causes your terminal to generate the following output:


Hello, World!

Now let’s look at what has been done in more detail. Python executes the print order (“Hello, World!”) By calling the print () function and the value of the string Hello, World! Moved to function.

    Sample program for Python

Run Python codes online

In this example, the string Hello, World! It is also called an argument because it is a value that is passed to a function.

Also quotes from both sides Hello, World! They are posted and not published. Because they are only used to display the string, quotes will mark the start and end points of the string.

Once the program works properly and without problems, you can say that Python 3 works properly. On the other hand, the program will have no syntax issues right now and is ready to do your job.

But if you have problems with work, you need to find the problem and fix it. Because these codes are not very complicated and the probability of a problem will be very small.

But it is possible for any novice to make a mistake. For this reason, it is recommended that you be very careful when inserting and writing code. Of course, solving problems is not a difficult task and do not worry about it.

The last word

After following the steps mentioned above, you can easily write and run a program in Python 3. This app Hello, world! It is called part of the classic and old programs for testing space and programming environment.

You can write and run many files and programs with Python 3. Remember the effort and perseverance to succeed in the Python programming language. It is advisable not just to write these relatively simple programs, but to write and run new programs in this environment by reading various lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Python?

Python is one of the most popular and well-known programming languages ​​that many programmers are fluent in. This programming language is used for writing computer games and even for data analysis.

2. Why is Python so popular?

Python has become very popular because it is suitable for beginners and, of course, is used by large companies such as Google, YouTube and NASA.

3. Is it easy to write a program in Python 3?

If you look at the lessons for writing and starting a program in Python 3, the same articles that give you lessons in plain language will also have a big impact on making it easier to write programs (in Python).

4. Can we write and run new programs in Python 3?

Yes; You can always write and run new programs and games in this environment. You can also use it for machine learning and data analysis.

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