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In every period of history, there have been people who were clearly different from the people of their time. Each of these people has worked in different fields and arenas; But the common denominator of all of them is that they have managed to improve the situation of people and the world and to leave a great influence; In such a way that the lives of all people in the world somehow depend on their activities.

For example, Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of bitcoin, is one of those people who, although he chose not to be identified, has made a huge and indisputable change in the world. Many people may not have heard his name; But they are familiar with his fascinating and controversial invention, bitcoin.

Another prominent figure in world history is Einstein. It is safe to say that there are few people who live in the modern age and have not heard Einstein’s name. One possible question for digital currency enthusiasts is, “If Einstein were alive and he saw bitcoin, what would you probably think of it and how would you think about its various aspects?”

In this article, which was written with the help of an article from the Bitcoin Magazine website, we tried to answer this interesting question by the author of the article. So join us to see how you would think about bitcoin if Einstein were alive today.

From the point of view of thermodynamics

Let’s move directly to the question with this quote from Einstein:

Classical thermodynamics is the only physical theory of the universe that I think will never disappear.

First of all, I must point out that I am not a physicist; So please don’t criticize me for making mistakes. We all know that the first law of thermodynamics says that energy is neither created nor destroyed; Rather, it changes from one state to another; This is the same as saving energy. According to the second law of thermodynamics, with each change of state, part of this energy is lost or lost. This situation will increase the disorder over time.

Michael Sailor talks about this in detail. According to him, bitcoin is the conservative monetary system and the first monetary system to adhere to the laws of thermodynamics. Bitcoin is a closed system that has the least energy loss in its algorithm to prove work. The unit of bitcoin is still bitcoin, no matter how much time and space is transferred.

The system’s internal inflation, ie its extraction bonuses and transaction fees, can initially be considered ‘waste’; But these mechanisms are essential for the proper and continuous functioning of this network. We must not forget that even the most systematic adherence to the laws of thermodynamics will lead to a slight loss. Even the stock proof system could not offer the same function as proof of working with the same degree of integration and uselessness by intermediaries, and I think Einstein would have admired the bitcoin proof system if he were alive.


Einstein says:

Everything should be as simple as possible; But not too simple.

You have to keep in mind that the Internet is full of quotes that are wrongly attributed to Einstein; For example, “the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect to get different results.” In this article I tried to avoid this technique. The above quote is part of a longer quote from one of Einstein’s lectures in 1933. Of course, Einstein’s words are not quoted accurately; But the purpose of his opinion is preserved.

Bitcoin also adheres to this simple rule; How about the White Paper on Bitcoin is only 9 pages long. Satoshi Nakamoto writes in the first line of the White Paper on Bitcoin:

A fully equivalent version of electronic money can allow direct payment from one person to another without passing through the financial institution’s filter.

The sentence itself conveys only the message. Nakamoto wrote this sentence like Shakespeare’s sentences in such a way that if we remove a word from it, the meaning of the whole sentence will change. Even the code of the bitcoin blockchain is not very complicated and the original version of bitcoin is written with only 9000 lines of code. Compare this to similar networks that use multiple layers of code.

What might you think of the world of coins, air emissions, profit-making, nuclear payments, gas, stock proofs and equity? What does Einstein think of these concepts? This may be a bit controversial; But I don’t think these new developments could attract Einstein as much as bitcoin and come out of this test proud.

In terms of innovation

Einstein says:

I think for months and years. Out of every 100 times, I get the wrong result 99 times and only once do I get the right result.

There is often a misconception that coin operators innovate by promoting the design of bitcoin and maintaining its supremacy in the world of digital currencies; But when you understand the distributed and decentralized nature of bitcoin and its security model and realize that it cannot be improved without losing the distinctive elements of bitcoin, the idea of ​​upgrading and improving bitcoin will disappear from your mind. As Vijay Boyapati points out in his new book, The Bull Case of Bitcoin, some misconceptions focus on the technical characteristics of bitcoin rather than its monetary characteristics.

To make the connection between Einstein and bitcoin, just remember that bitcoin came after years of trial and error and a combination of concepts such as public key cryptography and confidentiality and proof of work. In fact, many of these concepts existed independently before bitcoin; But they failed to reach a single and universal digital currency. Therefore, we can conclude that bitcoin is the hundredth time it comes out of the water and reaches the desired result.

In terms of knowledge and education

The important thing is not to stop asking questions. Curiosity also has its reasons.

In this regard, there is another quote that says:

Education is exactly what a person remembers if he forgets what he learned in school.

The second quote is often attributed to Einstein; But this sentence actually existed before Einstein, and he mentions it in his writings. Since Einstein himself did not know the original source of this quote, he used it in the form of a general saying or a kind of joke.

You will be shocked if you know how many Bitcoin fans agree with this quote. A thorough understanding of bitcoin requires the mind of the questioner and the acquisition of knowledge in various aspects. This corresponds exactly to the above quote for questioning and curiosity.

In terms of truth and awareness

Blind obedience to the strong is the greatest enemy of truth.

Einstein made the above statement in a letter in the early 1920s. Bitcoin proponents are often skeptical of the powerful and politicians because of the hostility of governments and central banks to digital currency, and more importantly, bitcoin is designed primarily to remove centralism and does not rely on any authority or authority to carry out its activities. . Interestingly, the Western world as a whole has outdated the idea of ​​a centrally planned economy; But he still (even more) insists on centralized money.

In another quote from Einstein we read:

The eternal secret of the world is its intelligibility.

This quote is reminiscent of the ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, especially in Fooled by Randomness. “People exaggerate their knowledge of complex systems,” he wrote in the book. Einstein was a physicist and, of course, this quote must be considered from the point of view of a physicist; But I think it can be used more widely. In this quote, Einstein refers to the complexity of the world and life.

From the point of view of peace

Peace cannot be maintained by force; It can only be achieved through understanding and knowledge. You cannot conquer a nation by force; Unless you delete all his men, women and children. If you do not intend to do so; So you need to find a way to resolve disputes and conflicts without resorting to weapons. The unbridled power of the atom changed everything but our way of thinking, and this led us to an unprecedented catastrophe.

The first line of the above quote is often used alone in different situations; But it is not possible to understand its full meaning without reading the rest of the quote. Einstein said the above in a speech in 1930. This sentence contains a kind of shocking prophecy. Over the course of 15 years, military and military equipment increased so much that nations could be completely wiped off the world stage. The following is a quote from 1946 onwards:

Many have questioned my recent message that “a new kind of thinking is needed to save humanity and move to higher levels.” In evolutionary processes, a species must adapt to new conditions in order to survive. Today, the atomic bomb has changed the nature of the world, and the human species finds itself in a new habitat to which it must adapt its thinking. In the light of this new knowledge, the existence of world power and authority is essential not only for global unity but also for human survival. In earlier periods, the life and culture of a nation could be preserved through the growth of military weapons. Today, we must put aside this arms race and turn to cooperation. This must become an important factor in all our international interactions; Otherwise we will face disaster. Past thoughts and methods could not prevent a world war; So thinking about the future must prevent war.

I think the text above is very close to this quote from Einstein: “We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that led to them.” Here are some thoughts similar to those of Jason Lowry, a U.S. Department of Defense officer in charge of bitcoin research.

In his tweets, Lowry said outright that despite bitcoin, we are now facing a hybrid digital commodity that destroys the superiority of physical assets. This is while the military defends and fights against these physical assets. It is worth noting that this does not mean that physical assets have no value; Rather, it means that their value is declining.

Properly protected, bitcoin will be harder to steal or attack than any other asset; Whether the attacker is an individual, a company or a government. This can ultimately lead to a more peaceful society. If the whole world comes to a proper understanding of the digital property rights that Bitcoin offers to all people of the world without any distinction, an agreement will be reached that will reduce wars and strife.

Another interesting dimension of the above quote, which may relate to bitcoin, is the need for a single global power. In today’s world, the biggest obstacle to building this global power is the problem of trust. Bitcoin eliminates the need for intermediaries in its operations; Therefore, it can be used as money for all people in the world and relieve Einstein’s anxiety.


What you are reading is the views of a member of the bitcoin community who believes that if Einstein were alive, bitcoin would probably be real! He looks at his point of view from different angles and sets out his reasons for proving this assertion.

A summary of Michael Silver’s views is that bitcoin, as a digital currency, is in line with Einstein’s ideas, both thermodynamically and theoretically, as well as in terms of knowledge and awareness, and in terms of peace. Of course, the extent to which these ideas are defensible is a question that you, as an audience, may realize after reading this.

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