Ilan Musk and Jack Dorsey are working on extracting bitcoins with solar energy

Block and Tesla, co-led by Jack Dorsey and Ilan Musk, are working with the Blockstream Institute to build a test package that will provide all the energy needed to extract bitcoin from Provide Solar Energy.

According to Kevin Desk, blockchain companies led by Adam Beck and Block, led by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, are planning to build a pilot package to extract digital currencies in Texas. According to Adam Beck at the Bitcoin 2022 International Conference in Miami, the collection will use Tesla solar panels and batteries.

Beck says build [چیزهای جدید], is a better solution than the dispute. According to him, the purpose of this experiment is to prove that the extraction of bitcoins can provide the capital needed to build facilities and develop innovations for renewable energy.

Block, before Square, announced in June 2021 that it plans to invest $ 5 million in a special bitcoin mining package to be built in partnership with Blackstream using solar energy. شد.

The $ 12 million cost of building the facility will be shared equally between the two companies and will be operational in a few months. It is assumed that the processing power of this experimental set is 30 ppm and its power capacity is only 1 MW.

According to Adam Beck, the operational and financial information of this mining complex, including its energy consumption and hash rate, will be published in the future. This data will be made available to the public to support offshore mining issues. In addition, these data show whether this type of extraction can provide the necessary capital for the development of solar energy.

Beck said:

Analytical reports, articles, data and publications that [این روزها] It has been published, everyone is suspicious; But if we publish raw financial data and information, I don’t think we need to explain it any more, and the data itself shows everything.

According to him, the project will be implemented completely independently of the electricity distribution network and will be powered by a 3.8 MW solar panel built by Tesla. In addition, they have batteries with a capacity of 12 MWh to store the extra energy produced per day. It should be noted that these batteries are also supplied by Tesla.

Many people have criticized it for releasing a lot of carbon in the process of digging up bitcoins. Last week, the environmental NGO Greenpeace, along with Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen, launched a campaign to change the model to prove that the Bitcoin network requires a lot of energy.

Beck says:

Bitcoin leaves not just a question but an answer [بسیاری از مشکلات] f. Bitcoin miners can be customers with a certain minimum consumption for the electricity grid. Bitcoin mining provides the cost of implementing renewable energy projects and can attract more investment in renewable energy assets.

The publication, which Ilan Musk and Jack Dorsey are working on digging for bitcoins with solar energy, appeared for the first time in Arzdigital.

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